How to Soft and Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note2

It’s easy to soft or hard reset the Samsung Galaxy Note2 smartphone if you are experiencing problems with the device. Just follow these steps.

Soft Reset

If the Galaxy Note2 is locked up and not responding to commands, you can often overcome this problem with a soft reset. A soft reset will not erase any date from the device. It will simply restart the device.

You can perform a soft reset by simply pressing and holding the Power button for about 10 seconds (some may say it takes 20). The device will automatically restart and return you back to normal operation.


Hard Reset

If you are experiencing regular problems with your Galaxy Note2 and regular troubleshooting steps have not been successful in solving the problem, you may want to perform a hard reset. A hard reset will erase all data and settings from the memory of the device and set everything back to factory default settings.

To perform a hard reset, select Settings > Back up and reset > Factory data reset > Reset device > Erase everything.

There is also another way to perform a hard reset. It can also be done from start-up. This method is handy when you need to hard reset a Galaxy Note2 that will not boot into the Android OS properly.

1. With the device powered off, press and hold the Power, Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously until you see a recovery menu.

2. Use the Volume buttons to toggle your selection to the wipe data / factory reset option.

3. Press the Power button to choose the highlighted selection and to perform the factory reset.

Hopefully these steps were easy for you to follow and have you well on the way to a fully functional Galaxy Note2.


  1. katie b says

    My Galaxy Note 2 locked up yesterday. Soft reset did nothing. I removed device battery. Replaced it. Now the device keeps rebooting continuously without ever loading android. Neither reset option does anything.

  2. Meg says

    Thanks. I just bought this thing and it was freezing at the Samsung logo. Your steps saved me a ton!

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