How to Soft and Hard Reset Droid 2

Perform a soft reset on the Verizon Motorola Droid 2 if the device has become frozen and won’t respond to commands. Perform a hard reset if you wish to erase all data from the device and set it back to factory defaults.

Soft Reset

The process works a lot like CTRL + ALT + Delete in Windows. Just press the ALT > Shift and Delete keys simultaneously and the device will reboot. You may have to try this several times if the Droid 2 is really locked up. As a last resort, try simply pulling the battery if this process doesn’t work.

Droid 2 soft reset keys


Hard Reset

From device startup

1. Turn the Droid 2 off. If it’s frozen and you cannot turn it off, pull and replace the battery.

2. Open the keyboard and press the X key while pressing Power. The device will power on. Keep holding the X button down until a white triangle with yellow exclamation mark appears.

Droid 2 hard reset keys

3. Press the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously to bring up the menu. (You may have to try this a few times before it works)

4. Select the Wipe data factory reset option. Use the Power key to confirm it.

5. Tap wipe data/factory reset then tap OK.

6. Select Yes – delete all user data.

7. Highlight reboot system now is highlighted then tap OK.


From Android OS menus

1. Open Settings.

2. Select Privacy > Factory data reset.

3. Select the Erase phone button.

4. Select Erase everything.

You have successfully performed a hard reset on the Motorola Droid 2.


  1. chrisp says

    I am only able to get as far as the white triangle with the yellow exlamation mark inside it, and an image of a white phone underneath. I have tried pressing the volume up/down keys simultaneously, I’ve tried holding the power and volume up keys simultaneously, and nothing is getting me to a menu screen to go any further.
    I would love some advice!

  2. Lisa says

    Everyone told me to do a hard reset. I looked up and read and read and read and found THIS advice…soft reset…never heard of it. IT WORKED!! Thanks Mitch!

  3. Josh says

    Hello. I am using Droid 2 with a Bootloader D0.11 Screen thing going. I apply that and then hit reboot phone and It takes me straight to the same Bootloader screen. How do I fix this?

  4. josiahteabo says

    whenever i do this or turn on my D2, the droid eye comes up, the little wheel in the center spins for like 2 minutes and then it freezes on the eye, and then blacks out. it is fully charged, it will always turn on and pass the M for motorola……it still plays my rigntome when someone txts me… whats goin on???

  5. AshenGem says

    Did this to correct severe problems after deleting the entirety of my music library on my phone via my laptop. Hoping this will solve my massive usage issues (sluggish movement, freezing. Battery depletion with in 4 hours of unplugging from charger. loss of ) I only need it to last 3 more days…

  6. randall says

    hey, my phone started acting funny today so i turned it off. well when i turned it back on it goes to the motorola sign and like locks up. i tried the master reset like mentioned before. but even after that it is still locked up. any ideas?

  7. Benard Gakungi says

    Hallo,a friend from US sent me a Droid{Verizon} i’ve tried to hard reset it and bypass the activation,this has been sussesful but cant connect to KENYAN network.

  8. Andrea says

    I eventually had to go into the Verizon store bc nothing worked and they said my phone was completely gone. I asked what that meant but they had no explanation. I had to get a new phone :(

  9. daniel says

    my d2 screen is staying black all the time, too. i pull out the battery to power it off, reinsert it, and then press the power button to turn it on. the screen will come on, but only as a lit up solid black (if that makes any sense). basically, the screen is a solid black, but i can tell a difference between an “on” lit up black screen, and an “off” blank black screen. the four icons and the keypad will light up, but nothing will show up or change on the screen so i can’t see any prompts (i.e., i can’t see if a triangle/exclamation point shows up, or a menu, or anything.) any ideas/suggestions/anything?

  10. Andrea says

    Please help!! I turned off my phone and when I tried to turn it back on nothing happens. I’ve tried popping out the battery and putting it back in again and I tried plugging it into a wall and nothing!!!! :(

  11. Chrisi says

    I dropped my phone a few weeks ago, and the screen shattered. My problem is that the screen itself wont work, everything will turn on perfectly but i cant do anything with it.

  12. Joltron says

    Sometimes you have to use the TAKE PICTURE button not the power button to confirm selected option. Also, hold down the X button while hitting volume up/down.

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