How to Reset Sansa Fuze

If your Sansa Fuze MP3 player becomes frozen, unresponsive, or won’t connect to your computer properly, you may need to reset the unit. We’ve got the steps for you with this tutorial.

To perform a reset, simply slide and hold the Power button on the side of the unit up. Hold it for about 10 seconds and the player should reset.



Why isn’t the reset working for me?

Some people say that it takes longer than 10 seconds. Try holding it longer if it doesn’t seem to be working.


Will this delete any data off the player?

These steps should not erase any data from the device. If your device malfunctioned though, there is a chance data may be lost.


How do I reset the device to factory defaults?

A factory reset will wipe data off the player. If you wish to do that, and set everything on the Sansa Fuze back to factory default settings, you can select “Settings” > “Reset Factory Settings” > “Yes“.


My Sanza Fuze won’t even turn on.

If you’re sure your device is charged and a factory reset doesn’t solve a problem, you may need to contact Sandisk for repairs.


  1. Nowhereman says

    It worked ! Thank you so much!
    My Sansa Fuze was completely frozen, it wouldn’t even turn on.
    To reset it, all I had to do was hold it on for about 15 seconds, then release and turn on as usual and it came right on, renewed media, and was playing perfectly again.
    Thanks again !

  2. Scott Perry says

    Sansa Fuze – BI1003BMTK-8GB

    I’m loosing functionality of the control buttons, ex:
    1) I<< (right side / reverse) no response
    2) the rotating volume is loosing response. Only seldom works now.
    3) the blue led behind the circle only partially illuminates
    Is there a fix?

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