How to Reset PS3

If you are having issues with your Playstation 3 where it’s locking up or freezing, you might need to reset the unit.

You can perform a reset by holding down the Power button for about 10 seconds. The power light should turn red, then you can let go of the button.

Your PS3 has been reset, try to power on the unit normally to see if your problems persist.


  1. clarissa says

    hold down power button until you hear 2 beeps or hold down power button for 10 seconds.

  2. Pedro Luis says

    A few days ago I was playing ps3 and suddenly the image of the tv stopped. I disconnected the sitema and then reconnected but appeared on tv (hdmi function) to say “no signal”. I disconnected the cable and plugged the HDMI AV barrel that came with the ps3 but also appears to say “no signal”. I’ve done the trick of holding the Otho for 10 seconds and does not work … What could be happening?

  3. Dennis says

    My playstation 3 turns on, but none of the icons come up! The home wavy pic comes on. I’ve unplugged it and rep lugged, but nothing, and sometimes it does a “hardware repair” and nothing

  4. XboxDoc says

    Have you found a solution for your problem yet? I have a PS3 that needs to be unbricked

  5. Glenda says

    Everytime I talk to customer service about all the problems we keep having with the PS3, and this is the second one we have purchased, sony keeps telling me that other customers are not having these problems. By the looks of all these post, I can see that I am not the only one that has noticed Sony is building playstations that don’t last more than about a year, warranty time.

  6. wiktor says

    You have got the yellow light of death which means you will have to get a new one.

  7. sam ausden says

    hello, i had the same sort of problem, and held my finger down on the power button for 10 secs and it worked fine after

  8. Manny says

    my ps3 is weird because every time I turn it on it works fine at first where i have to pick an account but when i finally pick on a account after a second it just stays there frozen forever until i turn it off but when i turn it on it does the exact same thing every time! how can i fix this?

  9. Dean says

    Hey Guys – search YLOD on google – the CPU or GPU has pulled away from the motherboard and your beloved PS3 is dead, sorry

  10. joe says

    my playstation turns on but when it does it says that ll the hardrive has been deleted ad tells me to restore it. but when i do that it turns of and tells me to do the same again. what do i do?

  11. jimmy says

    i start up my ps3 it loads then nothing appears all i see is the spinning circles showing loading but nothing appers im wondering what is happening if anyone had this problem please help me

  12. Mr. Hi says

    My PS3 is messing up terribly. When I try to turn it on, the light stays green for 3 seconds, goes yellow then back to green in under a second. Then it beeps at me and starts flashing red until I press the power button again, which just stops the flashing. Any idea on what I should do?

  13. Skullgamerx says

    My Playstation 3 has a glitch so when i try to load playstation Home it gets stuck on this step where it says reserving HDD space HELP!

  14. J from sweden says

    My ps3 got bricked by a firmware update, and in sweden they dont repair ps3 that is broken because of “software malfuntioc”, it really sucks balls.

    “Restore system” in the safe mode meny doesnt work for me. Are there any news on “de-bricking”, I tried replacing the hard drive and all sorts of “tricks. Anyone?

  15. Rivzy says

    ok my ps3 game discs will not play and the whole system will freeze, it beeps 3 times when i turn it off and i just got the new update and all of my psn acounts dont work and i cant create a new one….wtf? need help.

  16. babyBoi says

    @ joker if ps3 to use the hdmi and your going back to the standerd A/V cords. So turn on you ps3 wait like 15 sec. For the user screen to load press X to to choose the main profile wait 15 sec. To load then press the left on the D-pad 6 times then from there press down on the D-pad 10 times then press X 2 time press down on the down on the D-pad 2 times press X 2 times the press left once then press X then press down then X and that should change the settings back

  17. Joker says

    i pluged in the hdmi cable to my ps3 and to my hd tv but then one day my tv stoped working and i tryed it on my old tv and nothing happens

  18. Allen Paez says

    my ps3 just starts off and it doesnt even show me the users it just has the color theme thats it

  19. harrison says

    Everytime I try and reset my PS3 everything just freezes. All the memory goes blank and then it says: “do you want to delete your memory?”. I say no and then the memory is deleted anyway. I need HELP!!!

  20. shampain says

    i used my ps3 using the hdmi cable at my friends house on his hd tv,now my ps3 wont work on my old tv anymore,no sound n no video NOTHING??

  21. Matt says

    my ps3 wont load some maps on cod4, it just stops loading them, and then wont even turn off, unless i turn it off on the back. how do i fix this

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