How to Reset Frozen Kindle Fire

Like most tech hardware, the Kindle Fire may lock up and freeze from time to time. If tapping on the screen or using the Power button normally doesn’t work, you should be able to press and hold the Power button on the bottom of the device for about 20 seconds. In some situations, it may take a bit longer.

Kindle Fire Power button 2

Your Kindle Fire should then restart without a problem.


  1. rocketmouse says

    Also thank you. I hadn’t held the button long enough. I really was worried that I’d have to send it in for repair. It was a gift for my birthday (in January) two years ago. I have been so happy with it since then. Thought that maybe I had jinxed it (tongue-in-cheek) by saying so yesterday before it froze and then wouldn’t turn on again after I managed to turn it off. Put it on the charger overnight, but that still didn’t help. Would have never thought to hold down the button that long. Will see tonight if it still works.

  2. vicie isom says

    Reset does not always work. My kindle fire HD will freeze up and not be ble to get back into it. This very nerve racking. To reset and it still not work. So what should be done then?

  3. vicie isom says

    My kindle has been frozen almost the hole day on 10/6. If this does not clear up I will be sending this back. Thank you. I spent all day Sunday trying to get unfreeze. I Evan call to reset it. That did not work. I am over this freeze up business. When I am reading and it freeze up it will not unfreeze. I tried ever thing. I am not happy with this kindle and I have two more and do not have this problem.

  4. jessi says

    when I turn the kindle fire hd on it freezes right before it turns on completely. The kindle fire sign comes up before it turns on and that’s when it freezes, on the kindle fire sign. what can I do?

  5. Larry says

    tried all the above… have a kindle fire D01400 1st Gen. worked fine battery was getting weaker so decided to order one off of amazon.s site took the back off to get the number of the battery to make sure to order the correct one… I have been working with electronics for my whole life.. so knew not to touch anything inside and used my ground strap as a precaution of static electricity.. well got the numbers put the cover back on and at starup it shows the screen locked, cannot slide the lock to put in a password.. any suggestions? don’t mind if have to lose all apps, books, ect… anyway to wipe it and get a fresh factory boot? please help

  6. Ivette says

    I am glad that I read your article before calling Amazon. It help me reset my Kindle and it was fixed

  7. Tarri says

    Thank you, I was trying holding the on/off button, but I was not doing it for 20 seconds.

  8. Jose Can says

    my kindle fire doesn’t turn on, i was all you say but don’t turn on, help me please.

  9. mark says

    thank you, I thought I would have to pay to get it fix. thanks a bunch’ it work just like you said it would.

  10. rachel says

    thank u so much mitch i was about to throw it at the wall lol!!!!!!
    who knew it was that simple!!!

  11. Mary says

    I had problems with the kindle. Now when I start it.. on the bottom of the screen it says “press start button to reboot normal …recovery reboot.. and then the Kindle Fire comes in the middle of the screen and nothing else. (before it was going to TWERP screen or something to that effect

  12. Tora says

    Thank you so much. I love my kindle fire and was worried I would have to replace it but this tip worked. Thanks again. <3 :)

  13. Heather says

    Thank Mitch,

    You safe my neck that I worry about my Kindle Fire because It was frozen since last night. When I look at books under comic books and sudden it was freeze and I can’t go back home and struggled to back to normal. I waited and let KF warm up but still. I decided to look up through bing and found your solution about reboot Kindle Fire. It works by hold the button for 20 second. Next time if KF frozen and simple solution to hold the button to back to normal. Thank you!

  14. hair_do_girl1992 says

    I was on looking at the map trying to zoom in when my Kindlefire froze up. It would not do anything and I was about to panick b/c I LOVE my Kindle. I got on my laptop and googled it and pressing and holding for 20 seconds fixed it! Thank goodness!

  15. Elizabethdeanna says

    this worked for me, thanks so much!! And I did have to hold it down for a full 20 seconds.

  16. June says

    When I play the game jewel the wrong pieces move. When I try to purchase something the wrong app opens, ect. I have tried to hard reset. Did not reset. Still does the same thing. So frustrated right now! Help!

  17. nathalie says

    Thanks a bunch Mitch. You’re a Godsend. Holding the button down with patience worked…

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