How to Reset Frozen Motorola Droid 4

If your Motorola Droid 4 has become frozen and won’t do anything in response to screen commands, you may need to force it to reset. You can accomplish this by simply pressing and holding the Power¬†and Volume Down buttons for about 10 to 20 seconds. The device should then be forced off.

Droid 4 Reset buttons

Once you ensure the screen is completely dark, you may power the device back on as normal.


  1. julie says

    my verizon Motorola droid 4 COMPLETELY stop wrking it started w just a black screen but it was still on. now it wont turn off or on and the screen is just white with gray lines going through it..I call customer service and the troubleshooting did not work an tech support didn know what else to do..pleaase help of anyone has any suggestions

  2. Christy says

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Everything I was reading told me to remove the battery but my phone’s battery is not removable. In 10 seconds my phone shut off and then turned back on.

  3. says

    Hello.. Thanks, this advise worked perfectly. My Droid 4 froze with the Startup screen in endless loop while I was on a commuter train. The battery was getting hot and I didn’t know how to reset the phone. When I got off the train I went to a Verizon store on 34th ST and Madison Ave in NYC. The guy told me “Oh, you have to replace the battery and we have to do a full diagnostics.” He probably was going to charge me $100 or more. I didn’t trust him so I went to the office and found this article which solved the problem immediately. Thanks again. Joe.

  4. Alex M says

    I am having trouble deleting my text messages. They also have this weird date 12/31/1969. Can you please help??

  5. Leo says

    Worked like a charm! My phone had run out of batteries, but even when plugged into USB power it would not power up. Note that the procedure is slightly different, but a lot less intrusive than a full factory reset.

    Thanks so much for the help!

  6. Heather says

    Thank you so much this worked like a charm!!!!! So glad I found this tip, I was a little nervous on how to fix this where you can’t take the battery out. Thanks again :)

  7. Chuq says

    Thanks for this info. I was trying it with no luck but some how miraculously after reading this tip I tried it again and bingo it worked after maybe 7 seconds. I downloaded waze and started it up while I was driving listening to some podcasts via drivecast and it froze up on me. The funny thing is drivecast never skipped a beat.

  8. Nat says

    Didn’t work. But mine was not frozen while in use, rather I went to turn on the screen and nothing happened. It should have been nearly fully charged, but I tossed it on a charger for a while just to be sure. No luck. It’s like something’s wrong with the power button. I’ve only had this phone a week. Hope it’s not a sign of things to come! :(((((

  9. Heather Fantana says

    This completely worked, thank you so much!! My Droid not only shut down but then did an auto re-boot and worked completely fine. My daughter locked it up while playing games and ran the battery down :)

  10. Matt says

    Thanks. It worked. I hope this phone doesn’t have the same problems the Droid2 Global had.

  11. Mitch says

    Agreed, but my quad-core, 2.2 Ghz desktop PC freezes. They just can’t make anything that doesn’t lock up.

  12. Silver Fang says

    A phone with a 1.2 GHz dual core CPU and 1 GB RAM shouldn’t be freezing or having problems in the first place.

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