How to Reset Frozen Motorola Droid 4

If your Motorola Droid 4 has become frozen and won’t do anything in response to screen commands, you may need to force it to reset. You can accomplish this by simply pressing and holding the Power¬†and Volume Down buttons for about 10 to 20 seconds. The device should then be forced off.

Droid 4 Reset buttons

Once you ensure the screen is completely dark, you may power the device back on as normal.


  1. carolinagirl says

    This worked, thank you for saving me a trip to the Verizon store! My phone was working fine, except for the power button. This did the trick!

  2. julie says

    my verizon Motorola droid 4 COMPLETELY stop wrking it started w just a black screen but it was still on. now it wont turn off or on and the screen is just white with gray lines going through it..I call customer service and the troubleshooting did not work an tech support didn know what else to do..pleaase help of anyone has any suggestions

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