How to Remove Apps From Samsung Droid Charge

The Android OS provides several ways to remove apps from your Samsung Droid Charge smartphone. The method you choose can depend on how the app was installed.

Pre-Installed apps

This subject is probably what you came for. Many Droid Charge users want to get rid of the pre-installed apps that were included on the ROM of the phone. The apps simply aren’t used by most people. By default, these applications cannot be removed though. If you try to remove them from Settings > Applications > Manage apps the Uninstall option will not be available.

If you’re tech-savvy though and just can’t stand the Verizon pre-installed apps, you can root your Droid Charge and you’ll be able to remove them. Once rooted, you can install Titanium Backup onto the phone and uninstall any app you please.


From Settings

Using this method will allow you to uninstall apps installed from an APK file or the Android Market and third-party app stores such as Amazon.

1. From any home screen, press Menu.

2. A menu will display at the bottom of the screen. Tap Settings.

3. Select Applications.

4. Select Manage Applications.

5. Navigate to and select the app you wish to remove.

6. Tap Uninstall.

Droid Charge Uninstall button

7. Tap OK to confirm your selection.


From Market

The Android Market app not only allows you to install files, but it allows you to remove them as well. Sometimes this method is a little easier if you have a ton of apps installed. It only shows what you’ve installed from the Android Market, making items easier to find.

1. From the Home screen, tap the application slider and open the Market app.

2. Press the Menu button.

3. A menu will appear where you can tap My Apps.

4. Choose the app from the list.

5. Tap Uninstall.

6. Tap OK.

If you uninstall an app you paid for, you can always re-install it without being charged again but visiting the My Apps screen and scrolling to the bottom of the list.


  1. chucker says

    Thanks for the info. It works. I was trying a thing that didn’t even work most of the time. I would hold my index finger on the app icon for about 2 seconds and a delete box would appear at the bottom of the screen. Then I would drag the app icon to the trash can and voila! Nothing happened, usually.

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