How to Remove Apps From MyTouch 4G

Want to learn how to remove apps from the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G? The steps for removing an app you installed is simple, while removing pre-installed apps requires a bit more effort.

Pre-installed apps

1. Gain root access to your MyTouch 4G.

2. Install Titanium Backup from the Android Market.

3. Launch Titanium Backup.

4. Select Backup/Restore.

5. Select the app you wish to remove, then tap Uninstall. Be very careful about what you choose to remove though.

6. Profit.

From Settings

1. From the Home, press the Menu key and touch Settings.

2. Touch Applications.

3. Touch Manage Applications.

4. Tap Downloaded. The downloaded apps are the only ones that can be uninstalled without rooting.

5. Select Uninstall.

If you don’t have an Uninstall option, you may be dealing with an app that was pre-installed on the ROM of the phone. To handle pre-installed apps, you will need to¬†root the MyTouch 4G and use Titanium Backup.

From Android Market

This method will work assuming you used the Android Market to install the application.

1. Open the Android Market app.

2. Press the Menu key and select Downloads.

3. Tap the app you wish to remove.

4. Tap Uninstall.

The app will then be removed from the device.

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