How to Queue Songs in iTunes

Apple iTunes allows you to queue songs in the order you want. We show you how it’s done with this tutorial.

iTunes 11 and Higher

Option 1 – Arrow Options

Select the arrow next to the song you wish to queue, then select Play Next.

iTunes Play Next option

Option 2 – Drag and Drop

You can drag and drop the songs you to the top portion of the screen to queue them. This method even works with multiple songs.

iTunes Drag to queue

Select the song menu to see what’s up next.

iTunes Music Menu

To remove songs from the queue, mouse over the song, then select the X on the left side.

iTunes remove songs from queue


iTunes 10 and Lower

If you’re still using an older version of iTunes, you would use the DJ or Party Shuffle feature to queue songs.

The Party Shuffle contains a menu when you right-click a song for Play Next in Party Shuffle.

You may ask How do I add songs to the Party Shuffle? Just right click the song in your normal playlist and select Add to Party Shuffle.

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