How to Open .CBR Files

Somebody sent me a file that had a .CBR extension on it. It was supposed to be an old magazine, but I couldn’t figure out how to open it. It turns out that there are 2 different ways you can approach it.

A file with a .CBR extension is a Comic Book Archive file. CDisplay will enable you to read the files on a Windows PC. Book View for the Mac will work as well.

I prefer a different method though. WinRAR will decompress the files. All that a .CBR file is made up of are compressed .JPG images. You can use WinRAR and many other compression utilities to extract the JPG files to a folder and just view them individually. I chose to use the Windows SlideShow to flip through the image files.


  1. Alexander says

    Only two word: “STDU Viewer” and you have no problems with cbr, cbz, pdf, xps and other documents :)

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