How to Map Network Drive in Mac OS X

Learn how to map network drive in Mac OS X with these steps.

Map a Drive

  1. In the “Finder“, select the “Go” menu, select “Connect to Server“.
  2. Enter the address to where the resource is you wish to map in the “Server Address” field. (i.e. smb://
  3. Select the + button to save the Server Address to your list of “Favorite Servers“.
  4. Enter the username and password that is required to access the resource. Check the “Remember this password in my keychain” box if you wish to store the credentials for use at a later time.
  5. A new icon should appear on the desktop. That is your mapped network drive.

Automatically Connect Drives at Login

  1. Perform the steps to map a drive as listed above.
  2. Open “System Preferences” from the Dock.
  3. Choose “Users & Groups“.
  4. Select the “Login Items” option.
  5. Ensure the lock in the bottom-left corner is unlocked. Select it to change it if needed.
  6. Drag the mapped drives from the desktop to the “Users & Groups” window.
  7. Check the “Hide” box next to your mapped volume, otherwise a window will open automatically.

The mapped drive will automatically connect at login from now on.

Create Alias

  1. Perform the steps to map a drive as listed above.
  2. Press Command + K.
  3. Then enter: smb://servername/sharename or IP address.
  4. Open the Finder “Preferences” pane
  5. Make sure the box next to “Connected Servers” under “General” is checked.
  6. Right click on the icon on your desktop representing the mounted drive.
  7. Choose “Make Alias” (And optionally rename the drive to something more specific)
  8. Go back and uncheck the box next to “Connected Servers

Upon restart or disconnect, just double-click on the alias and it will remount.

Thanks to Kevin for these steps.

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