How to Hard Reset Samsung Stratosphere

You may want to learn how to hard reset Samsung Stratosphere if you wish to reset the device to factory default settings or if you’re having a problem with the device. There are two ways you can go about it.

Note: These steps will clear all data and settings from the device.

Using Hardware Buttons

1. Close the keyboard and power off the device.

2. Press and hold the Power, Volume Up and Volume Down buttons at the same time.

Hard reset buttons on Samsung Stratosphere

3. The device will power on. When you see the Samsung logo appear on the screen, release only the Power button, but continue to hold Volume Up and Volume Down.

4. A menu should appear. Release all buttons then use the Volume Down key to highlight wipe data / factory reset. Use the Home button to select it.

5. Press Volume Up to confirm your selection.

6. The reset will take a few minutes, then you will be prompted for further action. Select the reboot system now option and you have completed the hard reset of the Verizon Samsung Stratosphere.


Using Android OS Menus

1. From the Home screen, select Applications > Settings.

2. Select Privacy.

3. Select Factory data reset.

4. Check the Erase USB storage box if you wish to clear data from the SD card during the reset, then select Reset phone.

5. Tap Erase everything.

You have successfully hard reset Samsung Stratosphere and the phone will now be in its factory default state.


  1. Sheldon says

    I did all the above steps and hit the home button on wipe data/factory reset and it asked me for a password. How do I get around that?

  2. Spencer says

    For using the buttons, I noticed that you use the search button to select, not the home button. Also, after it asks you what command to do (wipe all data/ restore) it asks you to click yes out of a series of nos. Just a word of warning.

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