How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S Blaze

You can perform a hard reset on the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze smartphone if you wish to set it back to factory default settings. There are two different ways you can perform a hard reset. Here’s how it’s done.

First, know that a hard reset will erase all data from the memory of the phone. Before performing a hard reset, you may want to backup your data. If your Galaxy S Blaze has become frozen and unresponsive and you wish to perform a soft reset, simply press and hold the Power button for about 20 seconds to force the device off. Data on the SD card such as music and photos should be preserved, but it’s a good idea to remove the SD card from the device before performing these steps just in case.

Procedure from start-up

1. Turn the phone off.

2. Press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons, then press and hold the Power button.

3. Release the Power button when you see the screen light up. Continue to hold Volume Down and Volume Up.

4. A recovery screen should be displayed. You can now release both buttons.

5. Using the volume buttons, toggle the selection to the wipe data/factory reset option.

6. Press the Power button to make your selection.


Procedure from Android OS

1. From the Home screen, press Menu > Settings.

2. Choose Privacy.

3. Select Factory data reset.

4. Select Reset phone.

5. Tap Erase everything.

You have successfully performed a hard reset on your Galaxy S Blaze.


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