Trick to Get Removed From Auto-Dialer Call Lists

Have you ever had a problem with auto-dialer calls coming to your phone repeatedly? Day and night it doesn’t stop. Somehow you ended up on a call list. It could be a telemarketer, a debt collector or even a political candidate asking for your vote. Whatever the case may be, it’s annoying!

You could pick up the phone and ask to be removed. That doesn’t always work though. American’s can register at the Do Not Call Registry, but that only works for telemarketers. So how do you stop all of these pests from calling your phone? The solution is to play them a little song.

This sound file is the key to getting removed from auto-dialer calling lists. When the auto-dialer calls your number, it listens for prompts. If it hears the sound in this file, it figures your number is no longer available and automatically removes your phone number from the list.

So how do you play this sound when an auto-dialer calls your phone? There are a few options.

Option 1

I sit at a computer all day. So I decided to save the sound file to the desktop on my PC. I then waited for any bothersome calls. I would then answer the call, crank my PC speakers up, and play the file over the phone. This worked quite well for me.

Option 2

Record a voicemail greeting and include the chime sound as part of the greeting. Simply play the file via your PC or MP3 player into the phone while recording your greeting and watch the auto-dialers drop like flies. Be sure the tone plays at the very beginning of your greeting. Otherwise it may not work.

Option 3

Use an app that plays audio files when somebody calls. Auto Call Answer is one that I use on my Android. The software will enable an icon in the upper-right corner of your Android’s screen that allows you to quickly play a sound to the caller. The problem with using this app though is that it requires that you manually play the file to a caller.

I’m hoping one of these options work for you. Do you have any special methods for getting removed from auto-dialer lists? Share them in the comments section below.


  1. Doug says

    With an auto answer application you can prompt the caller to press a number to be connected with the person you are calling. If the correct number is pressed the call goes through to your regular phone. Autodialers can not respond with a number to be pressed.

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