How to Fix a Wet iPod

So you decided to jump into the pool with your iPod on? Maybe your were listening to it while doing your business, then got up and it slid right into the toilet? Well, there is still hope for your iPod. Give your iPod the best chance with these tips:

Do not attempt to turn your iPod back on right away

It’s not so much the water that damages electronics, but the short that can happen if you power them on when they are still wet. Keep it off until you know it’s totally dry.

Remove all peripherals from the device

Take the case off, headphones and any other items that might be attached to your iPod.

Use a vacuum

Take then handheld part of a vacuum cleaner and run it around the device. Try to get as much of the water out of it as possible. DO NOT use an item like a blow dryer. That will only force air into other areas of your iPod and may cause more damage.

Leave the device in a well ventilated area

Place the device face up in an area where the water will evaporate out of it. What I like to do is put it in front of a low running fan. Leave it there for at least 3 days, longer if it’s really saturated.


  1. Dumb Rain says

    well, my ipod screen is cracked and it got like three drops of water in it but now i cant unlock it, my passcode is jayyvonmonroe and i cant press the J or N! how should i fix this?! i really need help because i have loads of important things on my ipod! such as school notes! and i really want my music back!!! HELP ME!

  2. brandon says

    my ipad got wet last friday from rain i had in my back pack but still got wet,

    i have run the vaccum over it, and have let fan blow over it

    when i charge it the apple logo comes up but thats it, does my ipad still have a chance?

  3. Trick I Know says

    Put it in a bag of rice face down for 2 days and get it out and try charging it or powering it up!!!

  4. alex says

    I washed my ipod and immediately put it in a container of rice for like 3 days. When I plugged it up, it came on and worked, but it wont play music or any sound. When i press the play button, it flashes the pause sign then goes back to play. The screen works to the touch and everything. Any ideas on how to fix?

  5. Help! says

    I dropped my iTouch 2 in the water for like 2 seconds. It’s dry but it wont charge because of my pin. What do I do?

  6. Nicki says

    Hi, so Almost three months ago I dropped my itouch in the shower by mistake..I did the worst thing by turning it on as immediately trying to charge it…really reallyy bad on my iPod (it’s a third generation) works every now and then but I would still have to press hard on it to even unlock..I want my old Itouch to work again, does anyone think putting it in rice will help or is it a lose cause? It charges fine and I can do everything but get te touch screen to work..I was thinking about buying another touch screen or trying to take it off myself but isn’t want to do more damage then it already has..any suggestions please? I’m desperate :/

  7. blake says

    I dropped mine in the toilet, i can see the screen if i tilt it into the light but otherwise its black, someone help me.

  8. McKenna says

    RICE! That’s all you need. I went and got a bag a rice. I was playing with a water balloon and it popped water flew out everywhere all over me. Well, my iPod was in my lap at the time i freaked out and leaped and i forgot about it and i found it in the puddle of water i wiped it off and blew all the water out and i put in the rice. Just lock it if it’s still on. I left it in for about and hour and restarted it and it worked perfectly. well just dont let it die because it takes forever. to turn back on.

  9. Katie says

    well. i was filling up the bath tup so i could was my feet and my ipos was in my sweatpants pocket, when i was done i stood up and turned around really fast and my ipod fell out of my pocket it was in the water for like 5 seconds. i have it in rice at the moment. but im not sure if its gonna work…

  10. Greg says

    Best bet for any electronic device that’s been exposed to water is to use the vacuum and then put it in a bowl of descant or rice at least over night.
    Rice should be uncooked and dry. The descant or rice will draw the water our of the device.
    I dropped a Palm 755 in a hot soapy mop bucket from a ladder. I didn’t bother even getting down to get it because I assumed it was trashed. I used the rice method and the next day the screen contrast was a little off but it went back to normal after while and works fine to this day.

  11. Khloe says

    I (stupidly) jumped into the pool with my iTouch in my back pocket. Realizing this about ten seconds later I yanked my iTouch out of my pocket and threw it into the grass. Then, all my friends told me to blow dry it, so I did. It now has the white screen of death and I can tell that there’s still water in the screen. So, now it is living in a bag of rice. And when I try to turn it on it shows the little apple with black around it and then abruptly turns to the white screen of terror. Help.

  12. Collin says

    My Ipod Nano got wet about a year ago and it just sat there and now it will turn on when pluged in and when its not its says that it needs to be charged. If you no wat to do tell me.

  13. Genesis says

    Situation: Ive got a new version of Ipod (Ipod touch the one with 32 gbs) well, Ive got a toddler for a sister and she somehow found it. Unfortunately, at that same time, my sister had a juice of soda within her hand. Well, she didnt really spilled it all on the Ipod touch (well i dont think she did) but it was wet. At first, i didnt know what to do so I searched around and found out that putting it in a bowl of rice will help. It did. A week or two later, i turned mmy Ipod on and somehow, it worked! SO i checked if it fully worked. I tried my games, apps, and listened to music. When i played one of my games (the kinds that when you press a particular link/button, it’ll get direct you to a website) and it directed me into a website… kinda… Next thing i know, the screen of my Ipod Touch is white and isnt responding. IT doesnt turn off either. It only turns off if the darn thing runs out of battery so…. I NEED HELP ASAP! D:

  14. Thomas says

    I washed my iPod in my washing machine and it turned on so I went somewhere and it was drying while I was gone and I came back and I forgot it was wet and I try to charge it and when I did the apple came up and then blinked a few times and died. Now when I put it to sleep I can’t wake it up! I have to reset it so it comes up! I don’t know what’s wrong with it. Oh and at a certain angle there’s a white line in the top right corner that his all most to the center.

  15. yayalove says

    oh crap! while i was brushing my teeth my sister dropped my ipod touch into the toilet but its one of the ones that cant get taken apart and i made the mistrake of trying to turn it on and even tried charging it but the only time the screen hgas anything on it is when its charging and the screen just turns white i really dont know what to do but i neeed it fixed and idk if i have warranty and if i do idk if it covers water damage any fast ideas?

  16. knives.9 says

    i found my ipod touch that was dropped in a cup of tea 6 months ago plugged it in right now and its working fine

  17. Emily says

    I soaked my ipod accidentally in water for like 5 to 15 minutes and it automatically turned off. I made the mistake of leaving it in the sun and attempting to dry it with a blow dryer. It still won’t turn on and i’m afraid i’m going to lose everything on it such as pictures and some apps. :( Fortunately the apps I have paid for are backed up and all my music is too. Anyway, right now my ipod is in rice and on it’s back in a dark room. Is there anything else I can do for it?

  18. hu0ng says

    Please help me! PLEASE!

    I went on the beach, and my iPod fell in the beach!! I took it out immediately and turned it on! (I know I wasn’t suppose to)

    And then my cousin said that I should blow dry it, so all the water is out, and then it worked for a while, but only the touch worked! Not the buttons!

    And then we went down for internet service and they said to leave it there, so I left it there for about 5 hours (Although, now I know it is suppose to be 24 hours) and then I charged it.

    I used an adapter, and it said to plug it in with Itunes.

    So I went home and then it said I had to restore it.

    Now it is only the touch working not the buttons unless I press it for a LONG time…

    I can’t even play HOP: THE MOVIE because it doesn’t workk


    and tell me the price of fixingg.

  19. Cosmo says

    My ipod fell onto a pool. i put it in rice 4 about a week, then tried 2 charge it o it would turn on. Nothing has happened since. Is there anyway i can fix my ipod?

  20. Cera says

    AHHH!! we were camping and we brought a camping shower and i didnt remember that my ipod was in my pocket and i took my pants off and it fell out onto the wet floor… there was enough water to cover it. the battery was dead already but after i charged it… nothing … maybe i shall try the rice!

  21. says

    So my stupid sister didn’t see my ipod right next to the sink and decided to spray water every where while doing the dishes. im putting it in rice right now but the worst thing is that i hav a cracked screen. sure that only makes things worse and my cameras probably will never work. they looked all fogged up. if any body knows any thing else send it to my gmail

  22. fiona says

    put it in rice until it works. but it all depends on how long it was in the water for mine was only in for about 5 seconds but if it was in for a long period of time it probably wont work.

  23. fiona says

    i was at a friends and they threw me in the pool and i had my ipod touch (4th generation) in my pocket. i quickly jumped out of the pool and dried it off, then turned it on and it was fine but when i got home i realized the speaker didnt work. So i put it in rice and its ok. but was turning it on after i dried it off a bad thing to do?

  24. Sharon Simbol says

    My iPod touch 4 screen malfunctions alot. Right now I’m using it to post this comment but it’s so damaged that half of my letters don’t work so I type sideways. Its difficult to slide to unlock so usually what I do is hit it softly and it works. Yesterday it completely froze, I guess I hit too hard so I tried blow drying & it kinda helped. At least it turned on. I think its water damaged but I’m not sure. It’s been like that for a while now but is getting worse. Any tips? Thanks

  25. cooper says

    ok i dropped my ipod in some water i quickly pulled it out it was fine but now the touch screen sometimes work. so you can use the touch screen for about a minute but then if you go into settings it freezes but if you hit the home button it takes you there but the touch screen still works please help.

  26. lindsey says

    well i got the teensiest drop into one of the corners on my ipod touch, and one part of the screen doesnt work. and just my luck, the number for my passcode is on the side i need. just that one number doesnt work. i have it in rice now. i might try putting it on top of a dehumidifier

  27. Carmen says

    I just got my ipod touch the day before yesterday & last niqht I decided to go to the beach with my friends && I left my ipod in my friends purse & we all got were in the beach water so we were soaking wett && idk how but the stupid girl got water all in her purse & I didn’t check until later & my ipod was wet & had sand on it. I dryed it off with my clothes right away & it works but it was wet in the charging port now it won’t charge /:

  28. jason says

    try rice it works
    very simple
    try it for three days.
    it worked form me when I jumped in the pool

  29. Amber says

    I took mine into the water with me when i went swimming the screen doesn’t work like it should it’s been like a week and on the screen all you can see is a faint music sign or very faint words.. How do i fix this? Please!!! Help me.

  30. MiSsbHaviN says

    I spilt water on mine from a water bottle yesterday. I unlockled it and it worked fine that entire day. I woke up this morning and now my screen will not work. If you fix yours, let me know!

  31. Richard Nixon says

    All you have to do is put your ipod under your car tire and back over it

  32. sierra says

    my sister drooled in the usb part of my Ipod. it will not turn on, and my laptop doesnt recognize it when i plug it in. HELP!!

  33. stephen johnson says

    my kid droped my ipod touch in the tolite. It comes on an you can see the battery charging by only if ya hold it on an angle. In another word thes no light but you cab see the apple when turning it on (still no light) an the battery indcator shows & it blinks the battery icon. What the blue hell can I do? Oh yea an naturly the warrenty is up. Olease advise?? Thanks for your time I appericate it very much

  34. Kali lyf says

    I dropped my iPod into clean toilet water , put it in some rice for 2 days , and it worked fine . But then , the day I took it out of the rice , I dropped it in the toilet again. I left it in rice for 2days again, I turned it on and it showed me a low battery sign , so I charged it, after I charged it the screen wouldn’t work and it wouldn’t turn on. Is yipped done for?

  35. Brooks says

    Best recipe!

    Here’s what I did to revive a dead (wet) brick of an ipod touch in less than 24hrs.

    1. Drain out all of the remaining liquid out of the headphone jack and sop up any remaining moisture on the body. Do this as soon as it happens.
    2. Let the ipod/phone dry in the sun (both sides) until warm.
    3. If it still doesn’t work, fill a small tupperware a quarter of the way full with rice. Place in the ipod/phone. Fill it the rest of the way. Close the tupperware lid and place on the heater.

    And there you have it. 10 hrs later, upon the press of a button mine was displaying a low battery warning again, and would finally accept a charge! Hope this works for you as well. Your ipod/phone may appear done for, but don’t give up just yet…

  36. Embarresed says

    my son wet the bed and had his ipod touch wrapped in blankets. it wont turned on he tried to turn it on and we got a low battery screen twice now we can. i put it in rice and should i do the vacuum thing?

  37. Kayla says

    i like to listen to music in the shower i usually connect my ipod to the speakers but this morning i had to work real early and I didnt want to wake my family so i put my ipod touch in a zip lock bag you know the spill proof one. So Im jammin in the shower and the bag falls no big deal i put it back on the shelf thinking the bag would keep it safe then my music stops but it says the music is still playing…basically the bag was full of water :O i run out the shower no towel and put it in container of rice lid on too started working after 4mins!!! yay :)

  38. lucy says

    i have an ipod that has a strap on it and i forgot to take it off before i got into the ool for swim training, i did 8 laps with it on… :(

  39. mellisa says

    i was running outside ipod was in pocket it fell in snow could not find it for about a hour screen still on but touch screen is not workin any advice?

  40. adem says

    do not put it on charge! i did that when i dropped my ipod in the toilet and then it short circuted

  41. Tom says

    My son dropped his iPod Touch in the toilet this past weekend. We put it in a cup of rice for a few days and it came back to life. Not sure on the wifi yet, but it works!

  42. Andrew says

    my mom’s ipod went through the wash. It completely stopped working, put it in rice for a week and it works now except the wifi is messed up.

  43. shane says

    basicly ive had my ipod in a bag fuul of beer and one exploded and basicly soaked for an hour or somthing lol i puled it out my bag and it was leaking from the charger cable, i wouldnt turn on or charge so i left it on the side and tried it in the morning, it worked kinda, volume goes up by self keeps wanting too turn itself off and constantly locks self, so i used a hair dryer(fail) and still no different, so basicly ive done everything this sites told me not to, and ideas?

  44. Jasmine says

    Well I feel like a complete idot!! Out of a desperate need of wanting to swim and seeing
    My cousin all alone I decided to swim with her. I went swimming in my pj’s and my pants were super thick windbreaker I’m getting ready to get in and I goo ohh I alnmost got in with my glasses so I took them off and put them aside I jumped in and swam around I feel my pocket and realize there’s something in there…I take it out and its my ipod :’(

  45. janice says

    my ipod was in my bag then it rained, i didnt realise till i got home.. the screensaver still went on, but i couldnt touch the screen. nothing was working. I used a hairdyrer.. that made it worse i think charging it is helping but im going to try the vacume cleaner thing later

  46. Lennie says

    I had my 2nd gen iPod touch in my coat’s pocket and accidentally spilled beer on it. I was out and didn’t have anything to dry it with and by the time I got home it looked as if it had dried and was working fine. Well the day after it was working just fine, except the date and time were wrong and it wouldn’t connect to wifi (the wifi button was all greyed out). It’s resting in a tupperware full of rice right now, hopefully it will be working tomorrow so I can listen to it while flying home for Thanksgiving!

  47. Beccaa says

    I’m stupid, i forgot it rained & my best friend had a bg with her wet umbrella and i put my ipod touch in that bag & im still trrying to fix it, it worked for a bout a month after that but then it froze and it wont work anymore. any tips.? apart from this one ’cause i wanna try all the tips to get this working.

  48. Ryan says

    Well I was out jogging and living in a tropical region (PR) it starting raining cats and dogs at the drop of a hat and my ipod-touch 4th gen just stopped. I couldn’t shut it off, it eventually just crashed on its own. I put it under a reading lamp for a few hours last night and now it’s in bag of rice. Right now all that appears on the screen is an indication that it’s charging even when a charger is not hooked up to it and the battery is empty. Has anyone had this happen before? Let me know. Thanks in advance.

  49. Daniel Marzani says

    One more thing….BACKUP YOUR DEVICE!!! I disabled iPod backup in the terminal app…because I know impatient. Oh well- it’s not like I had the cure for cancer in there.

  50. Daniel Marzani says

    Put the device in uncooked rice (I use white) for 2-3days in sealed plastic bag. You can change out the the rice if it seems moist. Grains may stick to device openings indicating that water is getting pulled out. It worked for my wife’s blackberry, although it just got rained on and was not submerged.
    Today my 1st gen ipod touch got really wet. I think it was partially submerged in my backpack after a whole bottle of water leaked out. I am trying the rice trick again. I put the whole thing on top of my water heater which is just slightly warm. Patience is the key here, just leave it-for a week even-if you can.I Hope it works as I just bought an FM transmitter for my car.
    I’ll let you know how it pans out. Hopefully the gods will smile on me seeing that it just H20.

  51. Ziggy says

    So, my friend is giving me two iTouch’s (lol) that both have the same problem.

    iPod #1

    Her brother went swimming at the beach and forgot all about his ipod in his pocket. Everything works but the screen.

    iPod #2

    She had a spill of hairspray in her bag and now the screen wont work. Just as the other one.

    Just a question…

    Can we not just replace the screen?
    I mean we could buy the screen for like 30-40 bucks and just replace it ourselves…would that work? If so It’d only take like two minutes, which would be soooooooooo awesome.

  52. Malcolm says

    I left my Ipod in my bag on a school camp and it got wet the last night when it rained. I didn’t know what to do so I tried turning it on before it dried not knowing that would probably screw it up. I left it Rice for a few hours 3-4 when I got home and it still doesn’t work, I also tried putting it on charge. Can someone tell me if I have completely ****ed it or if I could get it to work again by some mirical?

  53. Drue says

    I don’t really have an answer, but mine did the same thing. I spilled a cup of water on it, i made the mistake of plugging it in. It hasn’t turned on for a while, the other day i put it in thinking it may work. It did until i tried to unlock it and the screen wouldn’t work. I’ve been looking at stuff and i’ll post it if i see anything.

  54. Daniel Lee says

    I spilled water on my iPod Touch 2nd/3rd gen 8gig. it was on my desk and i accidentally left my 3/4 empty cup of water on my desk next to my charging ipod. i must have been tossing and turning because when i woke up by hitting my head at 5:30 in the morning, the ipod was glitching: it was like someone was there pressing the sleep button constantly. none of the buttons or the screen worked. i panicked and unplugged and wiped off the water from the charging port and it still didn’t work. without thinking, i plugged it back in and i think i shorted it out. it showed a white screen for about 10 mins and then just turned off. now it won’t boot up or show up on my computer [itunes] is there anything i can do?

  55. luke says

    my ipod got wet and i turned it on not knowing it was wet i relized it was wet when the screen turned white while playing it i dint know so i pluged it into the computer and charged it. it will play music but i cant see what im touching i put it in rice to see if i could get it to work is there any chance for it?

  56. jaweee says

    mine was soaked on 70% isopropyl alcohol. ive read some article that says ipods have short circuit sensor which usually trips off your ipod if it reaches certain humidity.
    i just shook my ipod for 5 minutes then i got it working. but its screen have white spots and i dont like it. it looked like 3d effect but can be disturbing my eyes when i watch videos. looks like i need to open my ipod touch and clean it thoroughly. any advice on how to open ipod touch safely?

  57. jjsnikers says

    well you have to check if the water sign is red inside the earphones hole you grab a flashlight and see if it is, if its black then you can send it to apple inc.

  58. L I says

    Yo, I was rollerblading until it started pouring rain. I had my Touch in my front pocket and it got wet (I got home in 5mins though). The headphones didn’t work until I shook all the water out and blowdryed them. Works like new now.

    But the Touch itself… Of course I blowdryed it aswell.
    Then I found this guide and vacuumed it right after. It turns on and off (hardly), but the touch screen won’t work properly. I put it in a bag of rice and closed the bag. Now I just have to pray. I will test it tomorrow morning.

  59. Lindsey says

    RICE !

    Couple lbs for atleast a week or so!
    Its natural properties absorb water !

  60. jordan says

    i was listening to mine it was on a shelf the other side of the bathroom it must have been the conenastion that got in cus iv let it dry for 7 MONTHS and it still wont work
    the buttons are fine but the touch screen wot work

    please helppp

  61. nikki says

    my ipod touch got soaked and i made the mistake of trying to turn it on and now i’m reading this and i realize that i messed up. so…is there a still a chance for it? it won’t turn on at all. please helpme..

  62. Luis says

    It all started when I went on a cruise, The first stop was at Jamaica, my family and I went to the beach, I placed my ipod touch in one of the backpacks. Well one of my family members put a wet bag full of rocks from the water. So then my poor ipod got wet:(. When I went to my cabin, I used a blow dryer nothing worked it was the same as dark faint. So then I charged it, the same problem. Then I left it to dry, then it went all dark. The apple logo won’t appear. So I don’t really know the problem. Right now its placed with rice to see if its dry. So I don’t know if its fine. If it isn’t do I really have to ship it off to Apple? Thanks for any suggestions.

  63. kenken says

    soo i waz listening to music and my friends thought it waz funny to sneek up on my with a bucket of water they dumped it on my and i looked at my ipod and the screen went white and my screen was already cracked so im not sure but it may have affeceed it more than it would if it wernt cracked it might not have been so bad but there is no water in the screen and the case waz on if anyone has any tipsplz relply

  64. Ashley says

    So about 2 days ago i went 2 six flags with some friends and other churches and i got on raging rapids. Not knowing that my phone and ipod touch were at the bottom of my bag and all my friends had put their ipods and cell phone s in my bag but when we get off the ride their electronics r a little wet but fine. But my cell phone and ipod touch r ruined i don’t that my cell phone is going 2 work again, but i m hoping and praying that my ipod touch will i just put it in a bowl of rice. After i had already tried 2 turn it on more that 4 times and tried 2 charge it i hope that it’s not ruined forever. :-/ :-(

  65. Justin says

    i put my ipod touch on a small couch with a window open. Then it started pouring and my ipod got soaked. i dried off the water on it and turned it on. the screen was flashing and then turned dim. it just stayed like that. What do i do?!?!?!?

  66. Randy says

    Rice works Ive done it with a cell phone that fell in the toilet! With how much these things cost it worth a shot

    Quote:(cause putting rice over it is silly. and so far it hadnt worked for anybody?!) You probably shorted it out!

  67. Michaela says

    My 4th generation Nano got wet somehow. I don’t even know how it happend. I just realized the clicker wasn’t working and took the case off of it. It was working fine but then the screen went white an hour later. An hour after that it started working again. Nothing else in my bad was even wet just my iPod :S

  68. ihaveipodtouch2g says

    hey guies,
    please help me. i have a little bed problem and my ipod touch was in my pocket. It got a little wet, and when i woke up it was totally dry. So i tried to turn it on but nothing happened i quickly went to u guies. And now im not sure of what to do. cause putting rice over it is silly. and so far it hadnt worked for anybody?! ANY OTHERS?? please please

  69. AK says

    My ipod touch was on the sink when I was washing my hands and I tried to clean something so I turned my faucet and the water spilled all over my ipod touch. I got scared so I turned it on and it was all dark but I could see the apple logo and it told me to plug it in to my computer and I did and then it turned off and made a sizzling noise, stopped, and is now making it again (It’s in a bowl of rice). HELP! Email me if you have a way to solve my problem, please!

  70. Kevin says

    Haha I actually thought I could clean mine with water so I unleashed the power of the faucet on it. It didn’t work for a day but the next day it worked fine just a water stain on the screen and I turned it on 5 times where it sorta worked and then 10 more times where it failed and it still is OK. And the water sensor’s still white. So don’t give up hope if you tried to turn it on.

  71. Keith says

    Dropped my IPOD in swimming pool while washing the dog. I think it was in the water about 3 secs. I made the mistake of turning on and off. I can see a little water moving around behind the screen.

    Should I take it apart and vaccum it, or leave it alone and put in a hot dry dark room for 5 days? If it doesn’t work then can I assume that replacing the battery and screen will do the trick?

    As I read through some of the questions,I realized that you could send less replies if you put the answers next to the cries for help. My question is no different than all the others actually.

  72. ryann says

    everybody!!! leave ur ipods ontop of ur tv for a few hours and then take it off for a few. keep doing this for a few days or maybe a week!!

  73. ryann says

    to number 11!! the warranty wont cover it i got my itouch and it happned the day after i got it we went to the zpple store and they sai d that they didnt cover it. my best suggestion is to do what this guy said to do. also wait a few days maybe a week before turning it on until u r absolutely sure it is dry.

  74. Hannah says

    well, i had my first ipod touch for nearly 2 years. Then one day it accedently got dropped in the bath somehow, when i took it out i made the mistake of turning it on and it started to make a buzzing sound. It cost me £80 to repair, but they sent me a brand new one, yes it was worth it, however 2 weeks on, i had it in my bag and rain water has got in it so now i’m trying to not make the same mistakes because i really don’t fancy forking out another £80, so i’m going to check it in the morning, wish me luck!!!

  75. Árrgie says

    My iPod works after I put it into the rice bowl, the only thing that sucks is, it is not touch sensitive anymore. :( it opens and iTunes can still recognize my iPod, and it still connects to the internet. But it is not touch sensitive anymore, I may sound redundant. Pls help me.

  76. Árrgie says

    I went to the toilet when I forgot that my iPod touch is in my pocket, then I accidentally slipped it into the toilet bowl. I charged my iPod and suddenly I noticed that it is heating up. I remove the charger right away. What does the heating up means? Please help!

  77. Jazzy says

    the first thing you should is probaly make sure its completley dry DO NOT try charging it or turning it on AT ALL if you did already im pretty sure it’ll be okay though cause i did that to mine and its still working then put it in a bowl of rice some ppl say to leave it for a day some say two some say a week but every day try taking it out then charge it ( i accdiently left mines in for a couple of days cause i thought it wasnt gonna work for good but i found out all i needed to do was charge it!!!

  78. symon says

    my friend pushed me into a puddle on a rainy day. As soon as i hit the ground i knew my ipod was going to be wet. I got up and within 3 seconds it was out of my pocket, i quickly dried it off and there looks to be no sign of any water. it was working fine for about 10min then it showed the apple logo and kept going off and on. then the screen went white and black and at one stage yellow. I got home and left it in my room and i went and had a shower. ive come bac now and the screen has been white for like 30min, wat do i do?

  79. Abby says

    ok so i was drinking kool aid and i dropped my ipod touch (2nd gen) in the cup. i didnt no u werent suppose to turn in on and off. my screen works and the sound and everything. but it is not responding to my touch. i let it sit on top on my A/C and now im having it sit in rice behide my tv box. i heard heat helps? is that true! what else can i do. i just got this ipod after my other one got stolen. please help. if it dont work its going to be my butt. if u know something that works please tell me i need help !

  80. Oli says

    my ipod was left out side when a rain storm hit. it looks bad and is the seconed ipod toch i have got from breaking. what should i do.

  81. Daneece says

    My son dropped his ipod touch in a cup of water. I put it in rice and let it dry out a few days. Now it turns on and says it needs to restore, but it won’t restore. Can I replace anything?

  82. Bismark says

    My iPod got inside the washer machine and once i got it out it wouldn’t turn on. I left it to dry for about 4 months but it still wont turn on. When i put it to charge it turns on but the apple logo is always there, it doesn’t switch to the “Slide To Unlock” screen. I leave on the charger forever! But it doesn’t switch to the unlock screen. Help me! Please!!!

  83. hailey says

    I was in a hot shower with my ipod no where near the sink, shower, or any water. But some how my ipod got wet and i dropped it and not the screen froze!!! What do i do? My Parent are going to kill me! HELP!!!

  84. Tyler says

    ok i was camping last night not thinking it was raining and it got wet it never went off i tryed to bbut the touch screen wouldent work so i came home and set it down on a fan face down on high for 36 hours after that the touch screen worked but it is half dark, half light i havent tryed to carged it yet. i just put it is a bag of uncooked rice i am going to leave it there for 36 hours plz plz plz plz help me if you can i got it for christmas

  85. sam says

    what i did when my screen kind of froze and the scree nturned white it would take the pictures like if you pushed the power button and the butto that takes you back to the main screen at the same time you know how it takes a picture?? well if you hold both of those buttons together it should shut it down and then reboot it by doing the same thing fyi if you figure out how to fix a wet ipod touch plz let me know my ipod touch got soaked for about 5 minutes in a lkae i dved in and got it so let me know thanks.

  86. jackie sadler says

    OK so, i somehow splashed water on my ipod two days ago it was playing music when it happened. I emediatly dryed most of the water off then blow dried it for about two miniutes wiht cold air. i kept trying to turn it on(stupid move on my part)and now the backlight is very dim and the touch screen doesnt work at all.i put it in a bag of rice for about 7 hours and tried to suck out some of the water. when i plug it in to my base my music plays and the time and notifications from facebook still pop up. I keep telling myself itll fix itself over time.PLEASE SOMEBODY my ipod is my baby i cant live without it. i just need to know should i give up or not if not please give me some ideas!!

  87. April says

    In response to Kay,

    Apple put in a part that when it gets wet, it will turn on a program that locks the Ipod perminatly.sp? There is no way around this lock, in turn voids out the warranty.

  88. kay says

    My son drop soda on my ipod touch , I am trying the rice method but on the top of my ipod touch their is a lock on it how do I remove that

  89. brokennnn says

    just poured a bowl of ceral on my ipod touch. the screen was doing fine and i just dried it out with a towel put stuff in the washer came back and the screen was white then i put it in a bowl of rice, took a vaccum to it to get the water out then put it back in a bowl of rice. anything else i could do?? :((

  90. Zenia says

    I put mine in a uncooked rice for 3 days. It turned on bu the screen wont respond to me. I believe there’s still water in there but i put the iTouch back in the rice and wait for a week. I hope this really works. The rice method is partly working though :)

  91. Elizabeth says

    hey i was txting in my ipod touch wen i accidentilley dropped it in my bath tub it tried turning it on but nothin happened so i went to try and charge it and my ipod didnt show up on the computer so i put it in a bowl of rice for 48 hrs. and i hope it works!!

  92. danyelle says

    help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my ipod was wet i dont kno how long and i tried turning it on then i tried chargeing it then loost it for like 9 months found it today then i still see water damage so i burned my frist one wat should i do

  93. April says

    My 11mth old drooled in my IPod. I mistakingly blew in it like a dummy i know! The screen went black. I have only had it a few months. I left it in a bowl for 24hrs of rice. I just checked it after reading all these horrible stories.. and GOOD NEWS!!! IT WORKS!!!! I did try to open the casing up but couldnt.. I guess i scratched the screen under it a bit.. enough to annoy me but ill take a small scratch over a dead Ipod.

  94. Kelsey Larson says

    Ok so here is my problem i had accidently dropped my ipod touch in the toilet, it was in there for about 6 seconds tops. I took it out right away and tried drying it off with a towel an tried turning it on like 6 times,about 3 of the tries it turned on but than it didnt i just let it sit for like 4 hours & than i blowed tried it with a blow dryer for about 5 minutes. I did tht about 5 times in a week and now i keep tryin to charge it and it works for like a minute. But now it says please connect to itunes and than i connect it and nothing happens
    whatt should i do please help
    if u hve an idea than comment what i shld do

  95. hilda says

    I found my ipod touch in my driveway by my car face down it had rained all day. I used a hand held vacuum to suck the water out. I placed ipod in a plastic bag and totally covered ipod with rice for 36 hours. It works just like new!! Do not open the ipod just use a vaccum.

  96. mohammed says

    ok, so my ipod touch went in the bathtub, i then put it beside the vent and everything works.
    but 2 things is that
    when i plug my headphone in the jack, i can only hear from one headphone, which sucks but i can live with it
    second the connection keeps going off and it doesn’t list any networks.
    i use to get around 5.

    i went and told apple that it wont work, they said they couldn’t do anything about it because they saw the water indicator was red.
    so they couldn’t do anything, they also said that the reason for those bugs are because of the water.
    is that true ?

  97. Yalys says

    I have an iPod touch 2nd gen. And I was listening my music when my baby took it and put it in his mouth (the corner where the power/lock button is) for like 5sec but it seems it was enough time because that button won’t work anymore! It turns on only if I plug it to USB, and once is on I can’t put it to sleep mode or turn it off/on from that button! Everything else works fine.. But is anoying because if I have it on I have to shut it off or wait until the battery dies, and once is off I have to carry around my USB cable/charger to get it back on! Does some one kws how 2 fix this!? I have this iPod for over a year so it has no warranty and I really want to fix it. Please if someone kws let me kw Im interested n all sugestions. Thanks…

  98. Brooke says

    =( I was washing my make up brushes with my iPod on the side while listening to music, I put my brushes in the bowl n about 2 or 3 hours later my mom told me she said my ipod had wet droplets over it. Only the SCREEN. She wiped it off and gave it to me. I tried turning it on like about 4 times (I didn’t know you shouldn’t turn it on.) It was on low battery so I tried charging it which was a mistake. So I took it and left it under my pillow. The screen was like half dark, half light or something and I cant use the touch screen!!! It had like a plaster protecter but idk how it seeped through! I put it in rice in a ziplock bag and left it behind my TV so it would dry or something from the warmth of the tv! Any other tips!? Help me! I love my iPod touch! Its like my life! MUSIC = LIFE

  99. jade says

    glass of water – 7 seconds tops – obviously being a bit thick i tried to turn it on and it started to sizzle – touch screen wouldnt work – now its flashing the apple logo – Why me ? any help greatly appreciated, gonna try the rice thing

  100. TINA says

    i dropped my ipod in the sink. it was working for a while and then turned off. i blowed dried it for a while and then turned it off. its currently in rice. when i plug it in it shows ared charging screen but nothing happens. plz help, i got it on christmas

  101. Matthew says

    hey my ipod went through the washer, and i never turned it on, and then i went to plug the ipod into it’s charger about 2 months afterwards. the ipod turns on but when i take the charger out it freezes?
    How can i fix it?

  102. Tyler says

    i accidentally left mine in my pocket and washed my pants. it was in there for about 5-10 minutes. this was yesterday. i haven’t tried to turn it on yet. what should i do?

  103. Gutted says

    i dropped my bag in some water which had my ipod touch in it , i didn’t realize for about 15 mins then i got it out, i made the mistake of turning it on and charging it , i plugged it into the computer and it came on showing the apple logo, ( i could see all of the water behind the screen. the computer recognises it and says that it needs to be restored before it can be used by the computer so i pressed restore and it got right to the end and then says an error occured. i have left it to dry 2 days ago , if it doesn’t work , could someone fix it? i’m not sure if the warrenty has run out or not.
    please respond if you have any ideas i am really gutted.

  104. ben says

    Just had this problem a few days ago, try the rice trick. Leave it in a zip lock bag, cup, or even the whole jar of rice for 2-3 days. Mine went from being completely dead to now having the white screen of death, now being recognised by the computer and even playing music through the computer. Anyone know how I can get my display back though?

  105. tyler says

    i got my 30 gb ipod video soaked i was fishing and it feel in the water i got it out as soon as possible and it was still on so i looked at it and it shut off wat do i do?

  106. alexa says

    my ipod fell in my dogs water bowl, i took it out immeadiately. i shook all the water out then i blew into the holes to get the water out then i tried sucking the water out, i let it sit in front of the fan. now my screen is white nd when i try to turn it off it goes black but never turns off. when i put my charger in i can still hear the little sound it makes and i can hear the sound it makes when its takin a picture. im no sure if i have an warranty on it or not. what should i do? can someone fix it for cheap?

  107. My ipod wont work says

    I dropped my itouch in a puddle of water. It turned off automatically, and i set it away and let it dry out for a couple hours and it worked again. It worked all day yesterday, and then today the touch screen just stopped working. How do I fix it?

  108. I ruined it already says

    I left my ipod on my nightstand next to a glass of water when i went to sleep and i woke up and the ipod was sitting in a little puddle. I didnt think that there was enough water for anything to happen so i turned it on and now the screen is white. If i try to turn it off the screen goes black and when its on its white. I just got it 2 weeks ago, will the warranty let me just get a new one?

  109. depressed_ipod_owner says

    ah i got mine wet too! i dropped it in a cup for like a second. i also made the mistake of turning it on AND charging it!! ah bad idea i guess. the screen is completely fine, it just says that the battery is dead. that’s why i decided to charge it. however, when i try to charge it it doesn’t do anything–it still says it’s dead. i’ve left it on my dresser to dry and i’m hoping that it might miraculously turn on one day. if it has been short circuited is there ANY way to fix it?! i will pay money i just really want all my songs and everything back!! PLEASE help!

  110. helpful friend says

    blow dry it on low for around 5-10 minutes. put it in rice overnight.

  111. alex says

    my ipod touch got soaked and i made the mistake of trying to turn it on (like three times! yikes!) and now i’m reading this and i realize that i messed up. so…is there a still a chance for it? it won’t turn on at all.
    i heard that putting it in rice helps…is this true?
    and if it doesn’t work ever again, who should i go to to fix it? and how much does it cost?
    i don’t know anything about this!!!
    please help me! sorry i’m asking so many questions…

  112. Mimi says

    I got my iPod touch wet, i actually tried turning it off but it just went crazy, the screen was flashing, the power off slider kept showing up, it would restart itself, than i would try to tap it and it would do nothing.! Now it has turned off completely and does nothing..wat should i do now.?