How to Fix a Wet iPod

So you decided to jump into the pool with your iPod on? Maybe your were listening to it while doing your business, then got up and it slid right into the toilet? Well, there is still hope for your iPod. Give your iPod the best chance with these tips:

Do not attempt to turn your iPod back on right away

It’s not so much the water that damages electronics, but the short that can happen if you power them on when they are still wet. Keep it off until you know it’s totally dry.

Remove all peripherals from the device

Take the case off, headphones and any other items that might be attached to your iPod.

Use a vacuum

Take then handheld part of a vacuum cleaner and run it around the device. Try to get as much of the water out of it as possible. DO NOT use an item like a blow dryer. That will only force air into other areas of your iPod and may cause more damage.

Leave the device in a well ventilated area

Place the device face up in an area where the water will evaporate out of it. What I like to do is put it in front of a low running fan. Leave it there for at least 3 days, longer if it’s really saturated.


  1. Dumb Rain says

    well, my ipod screen is cracked and it got like three drops of water in it but now i cant unlock it, my passcode is jayyvonmonroe and i cant press the J or N! how should i fix this?! i really need help because i have loads of important things on my ipod! such as school notes! and i really want my music back!!! HELP ME!

  2. brandon says

    my ipad got wet last friday from rain i had in my back pack but still got wet,

    i have run the vaccum over it, and have let fan blow over it

    when i charge it the apple logo comes up but thats it, does my ipad still have a chance?

  3. Trick I Know says

    Put it in a bag of rice face down for 2 days and get it out and try charging it or powering it up!!!

  4. alex says

    I washed my ipod and immediately put it in a container of rice for like 3 days. When I plugged it up, it came on and worked, but it wont play music or any sound. When i press the play button, it flashes the pause sign then goes back to play. The screen works to the touch and everything. Any ideas on how to fix?

  5. Help! says

    I dropped my iTouch 2 in the water for like 2 seconds. It’s dry but it wont charge because of my pin. What do I do?

  6. Nicki says

    Hi, so Almost three months ago I dropped my itouch in the shower by mistake..I did the worst thing by turning it on as immediately trying to charge it…really reallyy bad on my iPod (it’s a third generation) works every now and then but I would still have to press hard on it to even unlock..I want my old Itouch to work again, does anyone think putting it in rice will help or is it a lose cause? It charges fine and I can do everything but get te touch screen to work..I was thinking about buying another touch screen or trying to take it off myself but isn’t want to do more damage then it already has..any suggestions please? I’m desperate :/

  7. blake says

    I dropped mine in the toilet, i can see the screen if i tilt it into the light but otherwise its black, someone help me.

  8. McKenna says

    RICE! That’s all you need. I went and got a bag a rice. I was playing with a water balloon and it popped water flew out everywhere all over me. Well, my iPod was in my lap at the time i freaked out and leaped and i forgot about it and i found it in the puddle of water i wiped it off and blew all the water out and i put in the rice. Just lock it if it’s still on. I left it in for about and hour and restarted it and it worked perfectly. well just dont let it die because it takes forever. to turn back on.

  9. Katie says

    well. i was filling up the bath tup so i could was my feet and my ipos was in my sweatpants pocket, when i was done i stood up and turned around really fast and my ipod fell out of my pocket it was in the water for like 5 seconds. i have it in rice at the moment. but im not sure if its gonna work…