How to Factory Reset Kindle Fire

You may want to learn how to factory reset the Amazon Kindle Fire if you want to erase all data and settings from the device. You can perform a factory reset using the menus on the device. Just follow these steps.

1. Tap the settings gear in the upper-right corner, then tap More…

Kindle Fire Settings - More

2. TapĀ Device.

Kindle Fire Device settings

3. Select Reset to Factory Defaults.

Kindle Fire Reset to Factory Defaults selection

4. Select Erase everything to confirm that you would like to erase all data and settings from the Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire Erase everything selection


  1. katheryn says

    thank you soo much! i was soo worried it would never be able to connect and ive had it since xmas so there were alottt of thins downloaded that were hard to erase but i followed the steps and it helped me out so much! :D

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