How to Delete Facebook Status

There is no way to delete your Facebook status from the Home screen. This throws a lot of people off. However, you can do the following:

1. Click your name at the top upper-right of the page to view your posts.

2. Select the arrow to the left of the post you would like to delete, then select Remove Post…

Facebook remove post option

3. Confirm removal on the dialog that appears, and the status is gone.


  1. just me says

    I’m using Google Chrome and I was able to delete a post I made, including the comments made by others.

    Hover your mouse on to the text of your post. You will notice an X mark appear at the end of the area where your post is displayed. It is not that visible so be extra observant.

  2. ANONANOVA says

    NB. Facebook “X button” – the mouse-over hover “remove” button will only appear in the new version of Internet Explorer if you enable compatibility view (Tools > Compatibility View)

  3. dagwood says

    The trick to removing these is to hover your mouse on the right edge of the status IN THE CLEAR/EMPTY AREA (on my screen it’s below the word “options”). Float your mouse around until you see the “X”, then click it and the rest should be obvious.

  4. MyEmail says

    As one of my FB friends VERY accurately described it: hover your mouse over THE FIRST LINE of the entry you want to delete. Then the Remove button will appear to the right. I don’t think you can delete entries that others have already commented on or “Liked”.

  5. MyEmail says

    @Steven (#7), I don’t get a remove link or anything. I can’t delete a status I posted.

  6. steven says

    go to profil page, select wall tab
    hover your mouse above the entry you want to remove, on the right side there will be a [remove] link button show up

  7. Ankhorite says

    Yes, this worked to clear my current status from the TOP of the page.

    But it didn’t do anything to remove that status entry from the chronological entries UNDER the “What’s on your mind” blue box on the profile page. Is there any way to delete those chronological entries? Thanks!

  8. Nala says

    I hate it when I have a major typo in my status and then only after I press enter do I realize it! I wish there was some way of delaying the amount of time a status takes to be viewed by others, like 5-10 minutes. :/

  9. Trish Kappi says

    I followed you directions on how to delete ones facebook status…I went to the profile page and clicked “clear” , the page then reloaded but the status was still there on the profile as well as the home page. all it did was to clear the very very top of the profile, but everyone can still read my status on both pages.

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