How to Delete Virus

I recently dealt with a problematic bit of spyware that installed stuff all over my computer. appeared as the default search provider for all of my web browsers. Google Chrome, Firefox and IE were all plagued with this nasty stuff. It all happened when I installed ColorPic (Seriously, screw the guys at iconico for putting this crap in their installer). It was partially my own fault. I had downloaded the software before and hadn’t had a problem. I trusted the new installer and clicked Next > Next > Next, and the NEXT thing I knew I had and FaceSmooch software all over my PC.

AVG didn’t catch this malware. Spybot and Malwarebytes didn’t see it after thorough scans. I removed registry keys, plugins and files, but the problem would always reappear in a random place I hadn’t checked.

I actually considered formatting and reinstalling windows until I finally I figured out the way to get rid of the problem. I found a handy utility called Adwcleaner. This software was the only thing I could find that detected this malware junk and removed it.

After downloading AdwCleaner, I ran the search. Once it was done, I selected Delete. After a restart of my computer, much of the stuff was removed. For some reason though, It did not compeltely remove it from Google Chrome. was still set as my Home Page. No problem though! I went into Chrome’s Settings and selected the Change option next to “Show Home button” and removed the link.

AdwCleaner seems to be the only utility that gets rid of spyware.

I’m hoping I’m done with what has been an annoying problem for over a month. Have you dealt with the virus? Please share your experience in the Comments section.

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