How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to TV

You can connect your Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone to your TV and watch videos on a bigger screen. Just follow these steps.

1. You’ll need to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S3 HDTV Adapter. Samsung changed the configuration of the USB port on the S3, so it’s important that you purchase the Samsung branded adapter. Third-party MHL adapters may not work.

Galaxy S3 adapter for TV connection

2. Once you have the adapter, simply plug it into the USB port on the phone. You can then connect a standard HDMI cable between the adapter and TV set.

3. Connect the power cable that was supplied with your phone to the adapter and plug it into a power outlet. This step is very important and often the reason why people have trouble getting this configuration to work.

4. Now that everything is connected, your TV screen will mirror what is on the phone. Audio will be routed to the TV as well. Now you’re ready to enjoy using your smartphone as an entertainment hub.


  1. Joe Duffy says

    I have a galaxy s3 and the adapter and HDMI but wont receive signal on my TV but yet it will do when I connect my girlfriends experia, why is this? Is there a setting on my phone I need to change possibly?

  2. Dylan says

    Third-party MHL adapters DO work. I bought one off eBay for £3, plugged it in to my phone, and low and behold, it works fine.

  3. mick says

    This worked fine with an LG tv. Remember to plug your phone in. The correct samsung adapter costs less that a fiver. Wil not work with SKY GO as it says it does not support hdmi. bbc I player and youtube is fine. Not tried netflix yet. Thanks for the advice

  4. tonardo says

    please guys. must it bean HDTV or any tv set?
    my tv dont have HDMI port cant i buy another cable that will convert it to RGB or S VIDEO??
    pls help…

  5. Abdul says


    I bought this HDTV adapter from Ebay and done every steps mentioned here (youtube too),but there was no luck.I called seller the same and he send another HDTV adapter,i tried same steps again fails.When i spoke to seller,then he saying that they already tested the same HDTV adapter with Samsung Note 2.Is there any step,i am missing .Please do needful help.Is there any travel adapter difference in india.

  6. Denise says

    Andy, the TV must be a Samsung SmartTV to work with the other Samsung products. I was sure to ask the store reps before even buying. I think that may be your issue.

  7. andy says

    I purchased the samsung adapter and have
    hooked up everything correctly but have no signal
    From cell to tv. Tv is new panasonic plasma and
    Hdmi setting in on #1 same as cable connection.
    Any ideas?

  8. Livio says

    Will this adapter also work with the UK version Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 running ICS 4.0.3, ie. will it mirror the Note’s homescreen & desktop fully, including HD video and audio?

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