How to Connect Galaxy Nexus to Your TV

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone is a powerful device, so some users may be shocked that it doesn’t include an HDMI port for attaching to a high-definition TV. This is because the Galaxy Nexus features a micro-USB port that has MHL capability. This feature allows the device to connect to a TV using only the micro-USB port so that you can enjoy viewing pictures and movies on your big screen.

For most HD television sets, you will need to purchase an MHL Micro USB to HDMI adapter cable. The adapter attaches to the micro-USB port of the Galaxy Nexus. You will then need to connect a standard HDMI cable from the adapter to the TV.

Some newer TV sets have the MHL connectivity built in. Check the documentation that came with your TV to see if your set supports the technology. If it does (which is unlikely), you will only need to use a micro-USB to HDMI cable.

The awesome part of this technology is that the HDMI port actually charges your device. So, no more battery depletion problems whenever you want to watch a video on the big screen.


  1. Vagner says

    I got my MHL to HDMI just now and it doesn’t work. It is fanny because it works well with the Galaxy SII. Some one here does have the same experience?

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