How to Connect Apple TV to an Old Analog TV

I still have a couple of older analog televisions in my home. One of them is almost 20 years old. I have no intention of throwing them away since there is always a way to convert digital signals to analog and make the equipment work properly.

An Apple TV box will connect just fine to an older analog TV if you have the right equipment. You’ll need to convert the signal from digital to analog to make it work. Here’s how it’s done.

  1. Verify that your TV has the standard 3 RCA CRT jacks. They will most likely be colored yellow, white and red.
    3RCA jacks
  2. Purchase an HDMI to Composite 3 RCA converter box.
  3. Once you have the box, you can then connect the Apple TV box to the HDMI to composite converter box using a standard HDMI cable.
  4. You can then use a Composite 3 RCA cable (included with converter box) to connect the Converter box to the 3 RCA jacks on the TV.
    Apple TV to Analog TV diagram

Now you’re ready to enjoy Apple TV on your analog TV.


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