Hard Reset Samsung Moment

Perform a hard reset on the Samsung Moment, Android powered smartphone to reset the phone to factory default settings. These steps will delete data from the memory of the device.

1. Remove the battery from the device.

2. Insert the battery. The Samsung Moment should automatically power on.

3. While the phone boots, press and hold the Volume Down, Send and End keys until a yellow triangle appears.

4. Scroll down and select Wipe data/factory reset.

The phone will then reboot and the hard reset will complete.


  1. Liz says

    i tried the buttons thing and it wont reset. My phone has been powercycling so i dunno if the number code will work. Help please. im sick of this phone.

  2. Ryan says

    Samsung Moment (Sprint) after about 1yr started to become extremely sluggish, non responsive, daily automatic re-boots, process failures etc. Decided to try to Hard-Reset. Will break it down “as it happens”

    a. *2767*3855# Worked for the reset.
    b. Rebooting.
    c. Came to the Factory Sunflower Pic Home screen
    d. “Sorry System not responding”
    e. Clicked on “Wait”
    f. Back to what looks like the factory home screen with the Google bar up top etc.

    Time to re-download my apps, see if I can re-import my contacts etc.

    Guess it worked? You be the judge!

  3. Maria says

    My moment went off and would not turn back on all the way. Would just keep showing the samsung logo over and over again. Thank you so much for the info. I did the hard reset and my phone worked again. I lost everything but at least I got it running. Thanks again.

  4. mayra says

    Will the reboting thing worked for me!! it unlocked my phone!!! the good thing is that it was brand new and i didnt lose anything! last time i use the pattern lock never in my life!!! Thank erica!!!!

  5. john says

    i did the pattern lock to many time so know its on the emia and password but nothing works tried the null thin tried hard reset and noithin

  6. leo says

    how can i pull up the dial pad because it can only be up when i use the emergency call, it tried the code and it didnt do anything?
    is there another way to use it?

  7. Amanda says

    Ok so I see this reset code but i do not see where i am supposed to put it?? can someone please tell me so that this server error pop up will go away

  8. Robert says

    Thank you for the help. This reboot code is working right now and everything seems to be going well. Before I post this I will make sure the phone works. So far so good. The code *2767*3855# rebooted the moment I entered the pound sign. Not a moment delay. The phone now after about 1min has fully rebooted and is going through the normal operation of starting. Wonder if my screen picture will be there and if my apps will be there? Still waiting, taking slightly longer but shows signs of working. No pic, my apps are gone. Hopefully this fixed the phone though. I really was messing up. Lost all my contacts!!! No one mentioned that. Shoot, that was really important.

  9. really mad. says

    when i first got the phone three days ago, i turned it on and i downloaded my first ap, (tumblr) as soon as i clicked on it after it finished installing, my phone froze. i turned it off and then turned it back on and the app was gone, i went to the market and it says
    “Attention. A server error has occurred. Retry, or cancel and return to the previous screen.”
    Retrying is doing nothing for me, and its been three days that I’m unable to access the market. So I found this forum, and typed in the code to reset the phone after trying the button thing that wasn’t working for me. I did the code, went to the market and it worked, I replied to a text real quick, and when I went back to the market, it again said “Attention.(same thing as before)”
    Any help??

  10. Jessica says

    Perfect! The code that is. I tried the hold down all the buttons thing, I’m not that talented. The code did exactly what I needed. Thanks!

  11. maricruz says

    i have a sprint samsung moment phone and i need to reset cause im locked out …. can someone help

  12. cindy says

    Try this-better than holding down buttons
    All Samsung Hard reset codes

  13. erica says

    the yellow triangle appears but only for a split second.. not long enough to scroll down and select an option..

  14. Sam says

    Won’t that erase all your programs. How do get back the programs that you installed and bought?

  15. mad customer without a working properly phone says

    the stupid phone keeps reboting everytime i hold down the buttons nothing happens

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