Hard Reset Samsung Moment

Perform a hard reset on the Samsung Moment, Android powered smartphone to reset the phone to factory default settings. These steps will delete data from the memory of the device.

1. Remove the battery from the device.

2. Insert the battery. The Samsung Moment should automatically power on.

3. While the phone boots, press and hold the Volume Down, Send and End keys until a yellow triangle appears.

4. Scroll down and select Wipe data/factory reset.

The phone will then reboot and the hard reset will complete.


  1. Diamond says

    The resetting almost worked for me but when I released the buttons to scrool down to wipe data factory reset the screen went blank. so do I continue to hold down the buttons? if so how do I go down?

  2. Liz says

    i tried the buttons thing and it wont reset. My phone has been powercycling so i dunno if the number code will work. Help please. im sick of this phone.

  3. Ryan says

    Samsung Moment (Sprint) after about 1yr started to become extremely sluggish, non responsive, daily automatic re-boots, process failures etc. Decided to try to Hard-Reset. Will break it down “as it happens”

    a. *2767*3855# Worked for the reset.
    b. Rebooting.
    c. Came to the Factory Sunflower Pic Home screen
    d. “Sorry System not responding”
    e. Clicked on “Wait”
    f. Back to what looks like the factory home screen with the Google bar up top etc.

    Time to re-download my apps, see if I can re-import my contacts etc.

    Guess it worked? You be the judge!

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