Hard Reset Palm Centro

Is your Palm Centro device locked up and frozen. You might want to try a hard reset. Here’s how.

1. Remove the battery from the rear of the unit.

2. Hold down the Power button while reinserting the battery.

3. When the Palm logo appears, release the Power button.

4. Press the Up button to complete the hard reset and erase all data on the Centro.


  1. ANN says

    hi i have a palm centro cell phone, but i cant make calls i only get calls does anyone know or had this problem before . thanks

  2. maxine says

    On my Palm Centro, I cannot turn my phone on. Every time I try, it acts as though it is turning on, but to no avail. Can you please tell me what is wrong and what I can do. Need the phone for business.


  3. TommyBuckeye says


    I had the same problem with my Centro consistently wanting to Sync. I took the advice of Henry above and took some alcohol and cleaned all my wire leads at the bottom of the phone. I then took a safety pin and picked out all the lint and debris embedded in the bottom…Rebooted and it works fine for now. I think when the debris creates some sort of short it gets confused thinking its syncing. Anyway it worked and solved the problem for now.

  4. Alicia Tamos says

    I have gone through 2 pones. I was told the pones were old and the soft ware was out dated. And that one phone had water damage. Because the indicator sticker turned red. Sprint told me I could not get the phone fixed or replaced because it had water damage.Even though my phone has never been wet. I saved up money and bought a new phone. I returned my new phone tonight. Then had the same problem when they switched it out for another phone. I hadn’t been able to get my texts since dec 1st but was still being charged for it. So they gave me another customer service phone number. I told the sprint guy in store and the customer service guy I had on the phone that I would not leave the store till my phone was fixed. so the store guy gave me a secret number that only the sprint techs & workers use for their own personal work phones. And sometimes really angry customers. The sprint store guy said it was important to say that I would cancel my sprint contract if my phone was not fixed. The tech on the secret line updated and fixed my phone digitally from where he was. And he kept asking where I got the phone number from. I spent 3 hrs in the sprint store. And 5 minutes be fore I left I made one short phone call to the employees tech. It was so simple he did it very quickly. If it was so simple and didn’t cost them anything Why didn’t they fix my phone a long time ago. I HATE sprint. Here’s the number 1-877-775-4886 These people were very nice. Maybe they can help.

  5. Kaylea says

    About a year ago i dropped my palm centro. i took the battery out and let it sit and dry but i just decided to get a new phone, & now im really missing my Palm. but i tried to turn it on nothing. I plugged it up to the charger and the red light just comes on, i have tried everything to get it to turn on but nothing is working

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