Hard Reset Motorola Devour

Perform a hard reset on your Motorola Devour if you’re having consistent problems with it or if you just want to wipe the data off of it to start new.

1. Turn the phone off. If it won’t turn off, take the battery out then put it back in.

2. Open the physical keyboard.

3. Press and hold the Power + R and Space keys.

4. The recovery screen will appear with a yellow exclamation point. Press Z and M together on the keyboard.

The Devour will then complete the hard reset.


  1. khalid says

    I used to open my phone with fn##bluroff but it didn’t after I made hard reset
    I hope you may help me

  2. Angela says

    thank you so much… I am trying to sale this phone but I didnt know how to get all my stuff off and this worked great thank you

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