Hard Reset Motorola Devour

Perform a hard reset on your Motorola Devour if you’re having consistent problems with it or if you just want to wipe the data off of it to start new.

1. Turn the phone off. If it won’t turn off, take the battery out then put it back in.

2. Open the physical keyboard.

3. Press and hold the Power + R and Space keys.

4. The recovery screen will appear with a yellow exclamation point. Press Z and M together on the keyboard.

The Devour will then complete the hard reset.


  1. khalid says

    I used to open my phone with fn##bluroff but it didn’t after I made hard reset
    I hope you may help me

  2. Angela says

    thank you so much… I am trying to sale this phone but I didnt know how to get all my stuff off and this worked great thank you

  3. Colin justian says

    My phone keeps deleting everything on it whenever it turns off and turns back on and it turns off randomly when I don’t do anything help me?!?!

  4. Drew Cooke says

    It will definitely work if you press the space bar, then the ‘r’ on the keyboard, then the power. Once you see the yellow exclamation point with the triangle press the Z and M at the exact same time! Now you will get Welcome to MOTORBLUR…and you can set it up. Be patient. The first time I pressed the space and ‘r’ at the same time and it didn’t work. Definitely press the space, then the ‘r’, then the power and it will work!

  5. Barb says

    I have been having a similar issue…my screen won’t light but keyboard will. I tried the hard reset and even held it for 2 minutes…nothing. i also tried starting it while holding the menu button down. Can you tell me anything else to try? Thanks, Barb

  6. shamika grant says

    When I slide in the keyboard, the touch screen won’t work at all. I have to use the keyboard to do everything..any suggestions?plz

  7. Kris says

    i acquired this phone, so need to reset to factory defaults as cannot connect to verizon network.
    when i hold down the space+r+power buttons, it just boots up as normal.
    any other tricks?

  8. Micki says

    this helped me so much. I have the insurance on it but I don’t wanna wait 7 days to get my new one so I’d MUCH rather just have this work right….

  9. angel says

    well i got the devour but is flashed to use in another company the thing is when a i try to turn it on it asks me to do a mail when i finish doing the mail it will tell me that the phone radio is unable to cannect to the network what can i do ??

  10. Andi says

    I have a similar problem (my phone getting stuck on the blur screen and wont turn on). Or I did until I found this handy site and IT WORKED!! But there’s a trick. You have to press the buttons in this order – ‘space’ , ‘R’ , ‘power’. The reason is: if you hold the power first then it starts the whole getting stuck process over again. But mine is in perfect working condition now =)

  11. chris says

    Ok so I got my moms 4th devour and it is rooted to get the pre installed apps removed and I’m just wondering do I have to call verizon to reactivate my devour after restoring it to factory settings?

  12. Joi says

    My screen wont go past the M on the white screen then it shuts off on its own…then it jus keeps repeating tht cycle…is there anything i can do or do i have to bring it in??

  13. Mitch says

    Have you tried pulling the battery? How about booting into safe mode? (holding down the menu button while it starts)

  14. tasha says

    my motorola devour want come on when it comes on it want go past the white blur screen.can someone help please

  15. Tianna says

    So my Devour, just shut off a couple hours ago. This is the second one i’ve gotten after some previous SD card issues.
    Anyway, the problem is, it refuses to turn on.
    I tried the hard reset option, and the screen came on, but went no further than the blinking “blur” symbol, then turned off again.
    The thing is, when i push the power button, the keyboard will light up instantly. But the screen won’t.

    Any options? Other than taking it in and getting another one of these terrible phones until my contract is up, that is.

  16. Holly says

    It didn’t work. It just keeps blinking the word “blur” on the white screen. It won’t go off at all or come on. Not even if I take the battery out!

  17. moe says

    i unlocked my motorola devour, now everytime i turn it off and then turn it back on i lose all my apps,contacts…. it pretty much starts up as a new phone and brings me straight to the activation screen which i bypass. if you can help u can email me at mmojaddedi@yahoo.com

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