Google Play: “Error Processing Purchase DF-BPA-09″

A common error occurs to Android users when they attempt to use Google Play to download apps that says “Error Processing Purchase DF-BPA-09″. The error usually doesn’t allow users to download anything and the problem will reoccur with every attempt.

The following steps usually fix this problem.

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Tap Applications.

3. Select the All tab.

4. Locate and tap Google Services Framework.

5. Select the Clear data button.

Clearing data on Google Services Framework screen

6. Tap OK on the warning that appears.

Although you may not have to, try restarting the device, then try to use Google Play. You should now have no problem downloading apps.



  1. Saul says

    after going through a number of different forums, this finally worked. what a relief!! Thanks and God bless

  2. Chris Hyde says

    This also works to fix the issue where the 3g/4 g icon stays gray. Blue now!!!

  3. dongster says

    works, do remember to restart if you see “server error”. and, go to accounts to unsync and resync.

  4. Texan says

    @ Tim Try this : reboot your phone to recovery mode CWM. 1) >Wipe cache partition 2)
    mounts and storage > Format cash. and reboot system, should work.

  5. Austine says

    Thanks a lot. It worked like charm. By the way, I had to reboot because play store was bringing up server error, when I tried to launch it.

  6. Michelle says

    Completely works on rooted Hp Touchpad running CM7. Thanks, apprechiate the help. Before reading this I kept uninstalling/reinstalling rom, but this error message would eventually occur on Google Play Store. After clearing data from google framework , I also went to settings>accounts&sync>unsynced then synced google mail, then rebooted, because I read that as well somewhere and also wanted to make sure this worked.

  7. Don says

    They forgot to mention that you have clear data for Google Play Store also. After you clear the data for both, reboot your phone and you should be fine.

  8. Fahad says

    Thanks. It worked for me. I restored my Galaxy note from ICS to GB and it was giving me this error. Clearing data helped me get rid of this error. THANKS once again.

  9. Mitch says

    @John – If you can’t find the framework program, that’s the problem you need to deal with first. Your device likely didn’t come with Google Apps integrated. Find an APK installer for the framework that’s compatible and install it.

  10. John says

    And I can´t even find the framework program. It is not listed in the “all” section.

  11. Tim says

    Ok, so I did that, re-added my credentials. Restarted, uninstalled updates. It might just be the rom, the AT&T leaked ICS for the Galaxy note. But yeah, it’s frustrating. If you have any other good ideas let me know. Thanks

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