Google Play: “Download unsuccessful” Error Fix

I recently started getting “Download unsuccessful” errors on my Motorola Droid RAZR whenever I tried to upgrade or download an app using Google Play. This seems to be a common error for the entire line of Android devices. Luckily, the fix was easy for me. If you’re experiencing the same problem, give these steps a try.

1. Open Settings.

2. Select Applications.

3. Select Manage Applications.

4. Tap the All tab, then scroll down and select Google Play Store.

5. Select Clear cache.

6. Back out of the screen and select Download Manager (May also be listed as “Downloads”).

7. Select Clear data.

8. Also clear data for Google Services FrameworkGoogle Apps, Google Talk, and Checkin Service. Some users are reporting they had to clear data for the Browser app as well. You may not see all of these apps listed on your particular phone.

See if downloading from the Google Play works now.

Of course, this works with any Android device (Droid RAZR, Samsung Galaxy S, etc.)


  1. brenda says

    guys I tried everything too with my Samsung galaxy rugby – cleared all of the above as you all inidicated – finally what worked was I had to clear the cache of my browser, now all of a sudden I can download again.

  2. akash says

    How to solve downloading problem. I have note 3 and more than 20 gb internal storage memory is left but than also playstore is showing 911 error.

  3. Gina says

    Was trying to download/install Torque Pro after paying for it and got a repeated error every time I tried. Followed the instructions clearing the cache etc., worked perfectly. Thank you!-Gina

  4. Lisa says

    Thanks so much for this information. I was having the same issue on my Samsung Galaxy s4. And now everything works fine. Kudos.

  5. dev says

    I have getting 403error .
    I clean all catch but still the problem is not resolve please help me…

  6. asim says

    I have a wintouch tablet q 72..i am trting to download whatsapp from google app store…but i am having a error message 492….please help me..bundle of thanks in advance…:)

  7. Jerry says

    Solution doesn’t work for me.

    i want to redownload my kaspersky mobile security. I already purchase it via google.

    Please help!!

  8. Sarah says

    I have samsung galaxy mini and you have to unmount the sd card, download the app then you can simply re mount the sd card

  9. Angela says

    TRied the above fix didn’t work. I cant find Google Play Store all I have is Google Market. Did the process to that and I still can not download any apps :(
    phone is /samsung captivate sgh-I897

  10. ravi pillai says


    i am using galaxy s3, tried the above instruction but still same error while trying to download any app from google play..:(

    kindly help

  11. Dylan says

    I’m having trouble with my Galaxy S3, I cant find the Google Apps or Checkin services so cant clear the data. I’ve done everything else down to the letter yet the error 489 still occurs when I try download certain apps. I can download other apps, but the majority it gives me that error.

  12. Paul Anthony says

    Great. Your solution of clearing CACHE worked!!! I have a Samsung Note.


  13. beth says

    Thanks! That did it! My Droid 3 wouldn’t even do system updates until I cleared the cache & data. I think it’s clean now…

  14. Marie says

    can this work on a rebooted phone?
    because once i bought the phone there was sims3, avatar, layar, MoviTV, Kindle, Gogo, and etc. But when i go to my market and press my apps it doesn’t show sims3, avatar, layar, MoviTV, Kindle, Gogo, and etc. it just shows the apps i downloaded. And I only have 1.61GB
    I have a samsung galaxy.


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