Google Chrome: Bookmark Bar Disappears

I have adopted Google Chrome as my browser of choice recently. After using it a few weeks, I noticed that my bookmark bar along the top of the screen had disappeared. It would only reappear on certain web sites such as the Home page. I guess I must have hit something accidentally to make it do this.

Google Chrome Bookmark Bar

Luckily, it was a simple solution to bring the bookmark bar back. Just use these keystroke combinations.

Windows users can hold down the CTRL and Shift keys while pressing B, to make the bar reappear.

Mac users can hold down the Command and Shift keys while pressing B.

Once you have the bar back, right click it and ensure the Always show bookmarks bar option is selected.

Chrome always show bookmarks bar option

The bookmark toolbar should now stay in place. You can use the same keystrokes (which you may accidentally hit from time to time) to toggle it back and forth and remove the bar if you’d like to browse the web in a bigger window.


  1. Judy says

    Thank you so very, very much; I need my bookmarks
    especially for “Pinterest”…so appreciate your help!

  2. Tavo says

    Thank you! I thought it was a recent update that hid it. It would only appear when opening a new tab! I was going nuts!

  3. violet cherry says

    Thank you, I was wondering where they had all gone, I must have accidently toggled them off when I needed to open task manager yesterday and when I opened up chrome today I was lost. AWSOME thanks for the help :)

  4. Teresa says

    You probably just saved me a lot of time searching for a solution to this problem. I tried the Control-shift-B combination and my bookmarks icon finally appeared.
    Thank you so much!

  5. Doglover says

    Thank you so so much, mine disappeared over a week ago and I had no idea how to get it back till now. Much appreciated.

  6. Suzi Elton says

    I’m using Windows 7 on a new laptop, and I don’t get the menu you describe when pressing Ctrol, Shift and B. Any ideas how to get the bookmark bar back?

  7. Arkady says

    It would be much better I think, if the bookmarks bar re-appeared when the mouse was over the main toolbar. Better that than ctrl-shft key combos that a). have to be discovered, b). have to be remembered and c). are cumbersome at best when nearly everything else you do with a web browser, is done with the mouse. As a usability specialist, I find it strange that something like that was not highlighted in your usability testing.

  8. bsmith says

    Attention all Mac users. I have used the shift, command, b function; while it does work, there is a simpler solution. Drag the lower right hand corner of the page you are on and make it smaller and then larger to fit the entire screen. This has consistently worked for me. The bookmark bar fonts magically reappear. Give it a try.

  9. Carrie says

    Life saver you are!!!! It happened to me when I tried to set up my new it looks awesome!!

  10. bsmith says

    I don’t understand why Google Chrome can’t fix it so that it just doesn’t happen in the first place. I am able to bring back the fonts with the solution provided but it happens again later on. Other than this, Chrome is perfect.

  11. ChloaThaCooka says

    Hi! Thanks! I had to uninstall Chrome after realising my internet broke. Then my faves bar dissapeared! Thanks!

  12. bsmith says

    I have a macbook and the bookmarks in the bar would all get dim; sometimes a few would be visible while others would be dimmed. I did the command,shift, B and that immediately corrected the issue. I’m just wondering why it happens in the first place; kind of irritating but other than that I have now switched to Chrome from Safari which was crashing all the time.

  13. Karen says

    A big thank you. I accidentally closed it and couldn’t find how to get it back. So frustrating. ctrl shift B had it back in no time!! :-)

  14. VEGAN says

    and linux users can use


    as well :D

    I didn’t know that one has to use shift as well. so, thanks for the post!

  15. ANTON says

    Oh God!! THANKS FOR THE TIP!!!! How con the google guys do somthing so good and be so stupid at the same time?

  16. J1RAB says

    It must be because I’m close to going crazy with the problem, but I cannot see the solution anywhere through these postings.
    Please some one tell me what it is. Th ctrl shift b just brings a useless list that goes away.
    Please help me

  17. Mike says

    Google should at least promulgate this so called “feature” in a list of keyboard short cuts if they choose to leave it out of the Chrome options. They are starting to behave a bit like Microsoft with this feature

  18. Aaron says

    Thanks for the info, I had similar problems and this brought my wonderful bookmark bar back. Thanks.

  19. Joel says

    This isn’t working for me. I am just getting a separate window that says Bookmark Manager. I am looking to get all my favorites back to the top of the bar… any suggestions?

  20. Eoin O'Grady says

    F11 is also very handy for a bigger view – and when you come out of full screen view, your bookmark bar is still there! :)

  21. magaleee says

    Awesome!!!! Thanks for posting this. You are awesome. Finally, a usable, easy, straightforward solution to at least SOMETHING.

  22. yogikeung says

    I have to agree with Mike!!

    “Why hasn’t anyone asked why there is no preference for this in the ‘options’ section. With the brightest minds on earth working for Google, surely it’s shameful for them to omit this from the ‘Tools’. Sometimes I wonder why human-kind are allowing these geeks to fundamentally control the future of our species”

  23. BubbaGump says

    Yee-hawww! This was driving me crazier than a fish with titties. Thanks Mitch. I now love you more than Spider-Man.

  24. Ty says

    Awesome, thanks. Love Google Chrome and just had to reinstall it after some computer problems and was going crazy looking for the bookmark bar.

  25. Mike says

    Why hasn’t anyone asked why there is no preference for this in the ‘options’ section. With the brightest minds on earth working for Google, surely it’s shameful for them to omit this from the ‘Tools’. Sometimes I wonder why human-kind are allowing these geeks to fundamentally control the future of our species.

  26. Diana says

    Thanks so much that was awesome. Just in case it happens again I’m writing down what I need to do for my bookmarks to return. :)

  27. Georgia says

    Thanks for the tip! This happened to me as well and I wondered what had happened. Thank God for Google!

  28. feistyman says

    Thanks! mine disappeared yesterday and i was quite confused. Thanks for the very easy tip!

  29. Gabe says

    Thanks! I panicked when I made mine accidently disappear, then remembered google has all the answers =D

  30. Eriq says

    Thanks a lot. I adopted Chrome as of recent and this drove me crazy not having a bookmark bar.

  31. Flare says

    thanks man, i had chrome before and i needed to reformat my computer and i was wondering why the bookmarks wernt there =D

  32. Tom says

    If you right-click on the Bookmarks bar, you get a context menu where one of the choices is “Always show bookmarks bar.” If you uncheck that option, the bookmarks bar disappears, and the context menu cannot be accessed again to get the bookmarks bar back. What an incredibly stupid design.

    Thanks very much for your simple solution.

  33. dude! says

    thanks for the solution! somehow I must’ve pressed that combo and I’ve been dying to get my bookmarks back in place :), very annoying to have to return to home everytime

  34. brian d says

    thanks dude! the ctrl+b didnt work but your solution did. i installed google chrome and i guess they updated it or something and the bar dissapeared. thanks again!

  35. DetroitRedd says

    the easiest way is to use ctrl + Shift + B and it will stay on your screen plus you can do this if you didn’t even have the bookmark bar to start.

  36. Carla says

    Thanks so much! I use my bookmarks often and was getting annoyed because I had to keep re-opening the browser to quickly get my toolbar back, or got to bookmark manager. Such a simple solution – good on you.

  37. Tony says

    My bookmark bar didn’t really disappear, it was never there. I have two computers and it only showed up on one of them. How do I get it to show up on this one.

  38. Sudhansu says

    Thanks dude! for giving such a simple solution for such a annoying problem. I was wondering where all my bookmarks have gone !!! Thanks again..God Bless!!

  39. David says

    ha! This happened to me today and I searched for an answer. yours was the first..thanks so much.

  40. chromeisbest says

    It seems like such a simple hint has been able to help so many people, thanks for posting it!

  41. Stefan says

    Well, it’s probably not your fault. Chrome reset all it’s settings when it updated to the latest version. An error in the update I suppose?

  42. Lothwe says

    Thanks! Thought I had broke my Chrome or something lol (or a weird update). My favourites bar is the center of my browsing universe. Glad to have it back rather than floating on my “new tab” window.

  43. MTFROMCC says

    Thanks so much. I wish google chrome had a right click on the bar feature like IE8. Chrome is still the best of the best.

  44. Kevin says

    Thanks! Thought I accidentally hit one of the F keys or something, but none of those brought it back.

  45. Yohan Perera says

    Thanks man. I got really annoyed when this happened to me couple of minutes ago. Problem is solved thanks to your post, and the book marks bar is back… :)

  46. Slave 2 Six says

    Ctrl+B – The old Boldface shortcut! I must have used it on a forum and made the bar disappear. It’s been driving me nuts! Thanks for the solution.

    Any way we can pass along to Google that it’s a bad idea to use such common keystroke combinations in its browser command list?

  47. expatcatalyst says

    Thanks a million! I was climbing the wall thinking it was some kind of bug. Just the other day, I attempted to use ctl + b to bold something….doh!

  48. samnada says


    What would be nice is if the address window was shorter and the Bookmarks icon could be put on the bar just below the tabs. Also, being able to drag it over to the left, rather than being stuck on the right would be great. With so much capability not allowing simple preference tweaks for the location of buttons and icons is very frustrating.

  49. Anaya says

    Thanks so much for the tip! The sudden disappearance of my bookmarks bar was pissing me off. I thought it was a bug or something lol.

  50. Don says

    Awesome, this was bugging me. I definitely recall trying a “ctrl + b” command the other day to make text bold in the gmail chat box. Didn’t work obviously, but it sure did something! Thanks again.

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