Gmail: Recall Sent Email Messages

Gmail has a feature where you can recall a sent email message. I’ve needed this feature several times, but never knew it existed.

1. Login to Gmail.

2. Click the gear located toward the upper-right corner of the screen and select Settings.


3. Click the Labs tab.

4. Enable the Undo Send option, then click Save Changes.

Undo Mail in Google Labs

5. Now an Undo link will appear at the top of the page for 30 seconds after you send an email message. After 30 seconds the option will disappear and you will not be able to recall the message.

Gmail Undo link

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I want to recall an email and I didn’t have this option enabled. What can I do?

I’m afraid the message has been sent and there is nothing you can do to get that message back.


  1. rama says

    Once i sent mail to other. that mail sent after 1hr i want to recall that mail it is possible. that mail has not open.

  2. Lori says

    YES the technology has been available fir years that even if I sent an email as long as the recipient has not OPENED the msg it can be recalled.
    The msg can sit in recipients inbox for days and if he had not yet opened my email I WANT TO BE ABLE TO RECALL MY EMAIL


  3. roxie says

    yeah, you need to make it possible to recall an unread message for as long as that message is still unread

  4. Pat says

    Can I retrieve a message that has sent a few hours ago in gmail to another provider? The email is not open yet.

  5. Yasmeen says

    30 seconds is too less a timeframe. Can we have this feature available for a day atleast. If we realize anything sent incorrectly, we can come back and correct.

    If the message has already read by the receiver, then disable this option.

    But ifs not read, you can enable this option for a day so that there can be a correction.

    Please check this.

  6. roopa says

    how will get a messge in gmail after sending a mail?

    message like “you have sent a mail”

    please reply

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