Gmail: Import From Another Email Account

The tools available in Gmail trump the tools in any other web based email system. My problem is that I have been using Yahoo Mail for years. Friends and family will forever send messages to my Yahoo account as they have for the past 10 years. I recently decided though that Yahoo no longer has a place in my heart. I chose to totally migrate to Gmail. All was not lost though. I was relieved to find that I could import my Yahoo Mail or any other account like Hotmail or AOL to¬†Gmail. Here’s how it’s done.

  1. Login to Gmail and click on the gear and select Settings in the upper right corner.
  2. Select the “Accounts and Import” tab, then select the “Import mail and contacts” button.
    Gmail import mail and contacts button
  3. Type the email address to the account you are adding, then select “Continue“.
    Gmail type email account for import
  4. Type the password for the other account. Select “Continue“.
    Gmail type password account for import
  5. Select the items you wish to import. The “Add label to all imported mail” field can be used so you can distinguish items that were imported from regular Gmail items. “Select Start” import when you’re ready.
    Gmail select items for import
  6. The import process will start. Once it’s finished, click “OK“. Note that it may take up to 2 days for items to appear.
  7. If you ever wish to delete the account from Gmail, you can go back under the Accounts and Import tab and select the delete option next to the account.
    Gmail delete account


  1. Nancy says

    I have done this, but experience a delay when receiving messages to my added account. Any ideas on how to speed it up?

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