Galaxy Note2: Turn Off Camera Shutter Sound

The Camera app on the Samsung Galaxy Note2 doesn’t provide a way to turn off the camera shutter sound. This can cause a problem when taking photos at events such as weddings where you would want silence. There is a workaround though.

Perhaps the easiest solution for most users would be to use a third party camera app. There are many of them available at Google Play such as Silent Camera or VolShutter Camera. Both apps will allow you to take photos without shutter sound.

If your device is rooted, you can use an app like ES File Explorer to rename a few files to disable the camera shutter. Just navigate to \system\media\audio\ui and rename the following files:

  • auto_focus_error.ogg
  • auto_focus.ogg
  • cam_start.ogg
  • cam_stop.ogg
  • camera_click_short.ogg
  • camera_click.ogg
  • camera_empty.ogg
  • camera_focus.ogg
  • camera_timer.ogg
  • shutter_multiple.ogg
  • shutter.ogg
  • videorecord.ogg

Do you have more ways to disable the camera shutter sound on the Galaxy Note2? Please share them with others in the comments section below.


  1. dok says

    It is obvious that turning the volume down and then opening the camera works for some (like me) and not for others. No need to be to rude to those making suggestions that worked for them who are trying to be helpful just because it didn’t work for you. Just make a note that it didn’t work and ask for additional suggestions. Why be rude to someone who is trying to help you?

  2. Kilian says

    What Anil stated earlier is correct, it it possible to set the phone to vibrate and the camera will be quiet as well. However this does seem like only half a bet.

    Just followed this guide (thanks by the way!), but there’s one sound that still seems to play when autofocus kicks in. I did rename all the files listed here and nothing else in that directory seems to be it, this is rather odd.

  3. chris says

    I turn the volume off before launching my camera , and there is no
    sound at all…not sure why other note 2’s have a problem …

  4. Happy Note User says

    I just dragged the top bar down, muted the phone, started the camera app and hey presto… no camera sounds at all.

    dunno if it’s a firmware thing but it works

  5. X says

    The shutter sound is gone, but whenever I click on the screen to focus, that annoying sound still can be hear, I already rename all the files, what else can be done? Thanks.

  6. J says

    To disable camera shutter sound

    press the volume button (side) the click the wheel icon > lower down media volume to zero

    Then try to take photos.

  7. c says

    Dear “t”, On the Galaxy Note 2, if you go to Settings, then Accessibility, and Turn off all sounds, it still does NOT silent the camera shutter sound. Try it for yourself.

    Dear “Matt”, Using the buttons on the side, I tried turning the volume off before launching the camera app and that doesn’t work either. When IN camera mode, the volume buttons are the zoom buttons.

    Also, has anyone noticed that you can’t launch the camera while using the phone? Looks like a MAJOR DESIGN ISSUE! I’ve contacted Sprint and Samsung customer support and they both say the DEFAULT is to HAVE shutter sound. Really? There’s NO way to turn it off! This is a $600 PHONE! At an event for my kid’s theater performance the MC says to turn off all shutter sounds and how embarrassing I’m the only one making sounds! I viewed the apps above and they both have negative feedback, yes some positive, but I don’t want my phone to crash when using the VolShutter Camera and I don’t want loud, obnoxious ads when using the Silent Camera app. The ONLY thing that works is to do screenshots while videotaping as “Cory” suggested. You just have to go back and delete the video you created when turning it on, then pausing. Great job, Cory for finding a way! I wish there another way…better yet, I wish Samsung would have considered REAL PEOPLE and REAL situations when designing this!!!!!!!

  8. cory says

    if you go into record mode and press record button then pause the camera button will appear on the side and you can take pics that what without any sound

  9. liza says

    setting the general volume to zero doesn’t work on my Note 2. (Setting all of the available volume controls to zero doesn’t work, either.) I also tried the Settings>accessibility>turn off all sounds – that didn’t work, either. I’m thinking that the third party app might be the only way to go.

  10. Matti Meikäläinen says

    On my Galaxy Note 2 (gt-n7100) I can take photos silently with the default camera app just by setting the volume to zero with the buttons on the side before launching the camera. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that the sound can’t be turned off in camera settings.

  11. t says

    To disable shutter sound on Galaxy Note 2 go to “Settings” “Accessibility” “Turn off all sounds” (Keep in mind though that you will be unable to hear to ANY media while in this mode).

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