Galaxy Nexus: Set Ringtone to Contact

You can set a ringtone to a contact on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and have a specific ringtone for when a certain person calls you.

1. Open the People app.

Android 4 People app icon

2. Choose the person you wish to modify.

Galaxy Nexus select contact

3. Press the Menu button.

Galaxy Nexus menu button

4. A menu will appear where you can select Set ringtone.

Galaxy Nexus set contact ringtone

5. Select the ringtone for the contact.

Now when the person calls you from the number specified in their contact information, the ringtone you chose will sound.


  1. Tamika says

    Why can’t u downloaded your own ringtone and set it as a ringtone for a contact

  2. Denese says

    I have done that and it does not work. When I select a specific ringtone for a specific contact; I am still getting my phone ringtone.

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