Galaxy Nexus: Clear Browser Cache, History or Cookies

Keep things clean by clearing the browser cache, history or cookies on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone. Here’s how you can find the options.

1. Open the Browser app.

Android Browser icon

2. Tap the Menu button located in the upper-right corner of the screen.

3. Scroll all the way down and select Settings.

Android Browser settings option

4. Select Privacy & security.

Android Browser Privacy and Security settings option

5. Choose one or more of the following as desired:

  • Clear cache
  • Clear history
  • Clear all cookie data
Android Browser Clear cache option

6. Select OK to confirm your selection.

Android Browser Clear cache confirm


  1. Doris White says

    I have done all of the steps twice, yet get a message…can’t open a new window until you close one.

  2. Bracy says

    thanks for the information this was the most efficient way to clear history without going thru a lot of steps. good work

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