Forgot iPod Nano Password

So you can’t change the volume on your Apple iPod Nano because you forgot or don’t know the maximum volume limit password that was set on the device? If this is the case, you will likely have to restore the device to factory default settings.

Performing a restore will wipe all data and settings off of the iPod Nano and set everything back to factory default settings. You should be able to sync your music back to the device afterwards though in most cases.

Before performing these steps, you may want to check with anybody who has had access to the device. I have found that family members and friends can sometimes enable a password without the owner knowing. Check with anybody who may have possible set the passcode on the device.

To restore the iPod Nano and remove the password, perform these steps:

  1. Attach your iPod Nano to the computer.
  2. Open iTunes on your PC.
  3. If you don’t have the sidebar enabled, select the iPod device button located at the upper-right corner of the window. If you have the sidebar enabled, select the iPod Nano listed under “Devices” on the left side.
  4. Select the “Summary” tab.
  5. Select “Restore iPod…“.
  6. You will be warned about resetting your iPod Nano and losing data. Confirm your selection by selecting the “Restore” button.
    Restore iPod Nano
  7. Wait while your iPod Nano is restored.
  8. iTunes will prompt you with a  “Welcome to Your New iPod” screen. Select “Continue“.
  9. Select “Get Started“.
  10. You are taken back to the “Summary” screen. You can now select the “Library” button and start choosing the music you would like to sync to the device again.


  1. DJM says

    I have exactly the same problem – have tried resetting my Apple ID password and that doesnt help at all

  2. JT says

    I have tried this and it always asks for a passcode to restore the device. I dont have the passcode and this is why I am trying to restore it. Please help. I have tried holding the select button and menu button at the same time and when getting the icon, pressing the << button with the select button and it still will not restore. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks

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