Windows: Fix “We can’t verify who created this file” Error

I often launch .exe and .vbs files from network drives that are mapped to many different computers. Because of the security features built into Microsoft Windows, users may often receive an “Open File – Security Warning” dialog box that says “We can’t verify who created this file. Are you sure you want to open this file?” when opening files from locations other than the local computer. If you encounter this error often, and would like to save the extra step of clicking the Open button, you can setup the file location as a trusted site.

  1. Select “Start“, then type “Internet Options“.
  2. Open “Internet Options“.
  3. Select the “Security” tab.
  4. Select “Local intranet“, then select the “Sites” button.
    Local Intranet Sites Selection Internet Properties
  5. Choose the “Advanced” button on the “Local intranet” dialog box that appears.
    Local Intranet Advanced Button
  6. Type the location of the file that produces the warning. The path could be a mapped network drive or a UNC path like “\\Server1”. In this case, my test.vbs file was on the Z: drive. So I will type “Z:“, then press “Add“.
    Add Local Intranet location
  7. The path may change once it’s added to the “Websites” box. This is normal behavior.
    Intranet Location Added
  8. Select “Close” > “OK” > “OK“.

Now you should be able to open any file from that location without receiving the “We can’t verify who created this file” error.

There are other methods for curing this and similar errors in Windows. See How to Disable the “Open File Security Warning” in Windows @ SevenForums for more information.

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