Fix: iPod Touch Won’t Turn On

“My iPod Touch won’t turn on.” is something I hear often. I had this problem recently when I lost my device in between the wall and my bed. When I finally discovered it, it refused to turn on. Nothing appeared on the screen, and it didn’t make a sound. Fortunately, I was able to revive it with a reset.

If your iPod touch is not responding, know that there is still hope. Use these steps to bring your iPod Touch back from the dead.

Note: If your iPod Touch won’t turn on because it has gotten wet, do not use these steps. Instead go here.

  • Be sure the device has enough power. Plugging it into your computer using the 30-pin to USB cable may not light up the device right away. Give it at least an hour to charge.
  • Once you’re sure the device should have enough power, try pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds. After a minute or so, the device should reset and boot to the Home screen. Usually data is still intact after these steps.
  • Try a Restore by connecting the device to your computer. If the iPod Touch is detected in iTunes, select it in the left pane, then choose Summary > Restore. This will clear data from the device and restore it to factory default settings and hopefully make the iTouch work.

These steps will revive a dead iPod Touch most of the time, but if they haven’t worked for you, it may be time to have it serviced by a professional. You can take your device to a retailer in most cases or seek service and repair from Apple.


  1. AJ says

    Thank you so much for this. You saved my son’s iPod. Now if only I had tried this with my iPhone a couple of years back instead of just chucking it.

  2. daisy says

    My ipod 5th gen was working perfecly. I put it in my pocket. When i took it out the screen was blank. I held the lock button to see if it was dead. Nothing. I really dont want to reset it. Can i fix it without reseting it. I have just left it plugged in for now. Praying that itll be ok in the morning…

  3. gabe says

    my ipod is a 5 generation. It was thrown on the floor and everything broke. but it still worked. Today about after a year when it was thrown on the ground it stopped working. My homescreen button fell off when it broke so i cant hold the home button. I plugged it into the computer but nothing showed up. Please help

  4. Matea says

    My Ipod Touch accidently got hit clear. So the whole Ipod was starting to clear. Then it shows the Itunes sign and the white charging cord. I did what it said but know i want to get it back to normal or finish this clearing. What do I do?
    Please respond fast.

  5. Nicholas says

    My iPod touch wont charge at all my dad tried to fix it so it can charge but one day it did and now it wont. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

  6. XzNjGh says

    Take it to the Apple Store and may be they’ll fix it for you. If it costs too much money to fix your broken ipod touch, then buy a new one and restore all of the information from your computer to your new ipod touch so that your new ipod touch can have the same information as your old broken ipod touch. Buying a new ipod touch is cheaper than getting your old broken ipod touch fixed.

  7. Nvlisa says

    This is happening with my Son’s iPod Touch. I’ve “Restored” it, following instructions, but the thing still won’t accept a charge! I tend to lean on the, “done intentionaly to make more money” side. I’m pissed, after all the money spent & the thing isn’t even 1 yr old! How can I get this thing to respond, help!

  8. Alysha says

    I have a 2nd gen iPod touch its been jail broken and all of a sudden stopped working. It turns on to the apple sigh but won’t do anymore I’ve tried putting it on my computer but it won’t do anything and when I reset it it just goes to the apple sign? Any ideas?

  9. hi says

    how do you fix a ipod that is stuck on the white screen even when you try the hold the wake button and home and it restarts it just turns white again and my computer says when ever i plug my ipod in it says untraceable object in the usb port how can i fix this

  10. Tomaz says

    Same problem like these=

    haven’t used my iPod in a long time and when i try and turn it on now it does nothing and i left plugged into the computer over night thinking it would charge but it still does nothing. what should i do to get it on again?

  11. Greg says

    Ok, this is the third time this has happened in like a two year period. Holding the home button and power for 10 seconds wakes it up. My question is what exactly is going on? Is this some built in Apple support money maker? It makes no sense that it just randomly becomes unresponsive. Does anyone know?

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