Fix: iPod Touch Not Detected By Windows Computer

A friend of mine had an issue with her iPod Touch not being detected by her Windows computer. She would plug it in, but nothing would happen. Here’s what we did to solve the issue.

1. Go to the Device Manager. (In XP, right-click on My Computer then go to Properties > Hardware > Device Manager.)

2. Look for a device listed as Apple iPod USB Driver or Apple iPod USB Device. Right-click on it and select Properties.

Accessing iPod USB Device Properties

3. Click the Update Driver… option under the Driver tab.

Update driver option

4. Select Install from a list of specific location (Advanced). Click Next.

Select specified location option

5. Select Don’t search. I will choose the driver to install. Click Next.

Select don't search option

6. Select Have Disk…

Have disk option

7. In the Copy manufacturer’s files from box, type C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers or browse to that location. Click OK.

Location to driver

8. Click OK again. Hopefully the driver is installed correctly. Try to see if your iPod Touch is detected now. I’m hoping these steps worked!


  1. David says

    I havent touched my ipod for 3weeks its been under my bed and when i try to charge it,it shows the charging sign but doesent actually charge ive waited hours for it please help and email me!

  2. ewan says

    my ipod touch not detected by computer, in diskdrives there is no “apple ipod USB device” and even in itunes.. its just charging.. what will i do? please help..thanks!

  3. Jessleen says

    Hey Thanks so much. But can you do the same thing to a gogear cam. Im having problems installing that too?!

  4. Chintan says

    THANKS A LOT! I’ve been having this problem for days and I finally you guys helpeedd me! :D Thankkkkk YOu!!

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