Firefox: Can’t Uninstall AVG Safe Search Extension Because Uninstall is Grayed Out

For a month now, I have been dealing with this AVG Safe Search 8.0 listing that appears in my Firefox Extensions list. I can’t uninstall it because the button is grayed out. I am able to disable it, but it’s still annoying. I want it completely gone.

Add-ons - AVG Safe Search

I searched high and low for how to get rid of it. I searched my Extensions and Plug-in folders, looking to delete this annoyance and couldn’t find anything. So I gave up my search for a while.

This listing was still bothering me though. I just hate software that crawls its way into every crevice of your system and leaves you no way out.

I launched REGEDIT and found a listing in the Registry at:


It was labeled:

C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG8\Firefox

AVG Safe Search Plug-in in Registry

After deleting this registry key. The AVG Safe Search plug-in was then removed from Firefox.

See also: Adding Extensions using the Windows Registry


  1. Charles Cook says

    I got rid of it and it wouldn`t let me update Firefox When I did get the update it told me my yahoo toolbar was a fake as soon as I hit make yahoo my home the AVG safe search went away

  2. jesper says

    I didn’t have any keys in registry either, but this worked fine for me. I just searched for avg and found one reference, then deleted the whole following passage, saved the file and it was finally gone.


  3. steff says

    YAY so pleased to be able to help , i too was going completely out of my mind with this problem :)

  4. JP says

    Steff’s recommendation worked for me after I could not find the registry key or the .rdf. Thank you so much, I was going crazy.

  5. WJH says

    In Windows 7 go to Computer, then to programmes, then to AVH Secure Search, open, and remove each item, re-start computer go back to programmes and remove rest of what remains

  6. rod says

    I had this darn annoying problem after upgrading tuneup utilities 2012. The easiest way to remove it that I found was to start Firefox click on


    options, General, home page, restore to default. Simple as that- good luck

  7. steff says

    this works , i tried everything even phoned avg twice and they couldnt sort it

    You are describing the Google browse by name feature which is the default behavior on Firefox 3.6

    To get this behavior on Firefox 4 you need to change a hidden preference.

    Type about:config into the location bar and press enter
    Accept the warning message that appears, you will be taken to a list of preferences
    Locate the preference keyword.URL, double-click on it and change its value to the link shown below

  8. Darko says

    This is great! Everytime I started firefox, it would tell me that it had to be closed. Not after deleting the annoying plug. For me though I found it using James’ directions. Thanks for the help!

  9. johan says

    my key was located at
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Mozilla/firefox/Extensios with
    label: {1E73965B-8B48-48be-9C8D-68B920ABC1C4}
    with: C:\ProgramFiles\AVG\AVG10\Firefox4\

  10. yogaman says

    This works for me. And no registry hack, just a little firefox config file edit that AVG “forgot” to do.

    Very nice.

  11. ALi says

    edit this file (this directory is for win7 users):

    or just simply search for “extensions.rdf” file on your pc.

    open with notepad.find this text and delete it.(dont forget to backup your file!)

    it should be deleted totaly now.


  12. steve pinchin says

    error keeps coming up when i fire up outlook,about unloading an extension,also say i have messages in sebd/recieve but dont end up in outboxs

  13. Zidagar says

    I have also found my registry keys under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Perhaps it varies depending on how you installed AVG.

  14. Mike says

    Did not work for me: there is no “Extensions” folder at the indicated place.

    Any idea where else one can possibly find that listing?
    (I’m using XP, fwiw)

  15. babboxy says

    what I like most is that during install they ask you if you want this installed or not. even if you don’t you get it. starts to smell like a remake of Norton. just kidding, still my favorite antivirus.

  16. johnson says

    ref: ‘I searched high and low for how to get rid of it. I searched my Extensions and Plug-in folders, looking to delete this annoyance and couldn’t find anything. So I gave up my search for a while.’


    Ran AVG ‘UnInstall’ in the AVG folder ….

    … pooof! All problems gone. :))

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