Firefox: Can’t Uninstall AVG Safe Search Extension Because Uninstall is Grayed Out

For a month now, I have been dealing with this AVG Safe Search 8.0 listing that appears in my Firefox Extensions list. I can’t uninstall it because the button is grayed out. I am able to disable it, but it’s still annoying. I want it completely gone.

Add-ons - AVG Safe Search

I searched high and low for how to get rid of it. I searched my Extensions and Plug-in folders, looking to delete this annoyance and couldn’t find anything. So I gave up my search for a while.

This listing was still bothering me though. I just hate software that crawls its way into every crevice of your system and leaves you no way out.

I launched REGEDIT and found a listing in the Registry at:


It was labeled:

C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG8\Firefox

AVG Safe Search Plug-in in Registry

After deleting this registry key. The AVG Safe Search plug-in was then removed from Firefox.

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  1. Charles Cook says

    I got rid of it and it wouldn`t let me update Firefox When I did get the update it told me my yahoo toolbar was a fake as soon as I hit make yahoo my home the AVG safe search went away

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