Find the Location Where a Picture Was Taken

Thousands of people upload pictures to TwitPic or other Twitter supported photo sites not knowing that the pictures they are taking contain location data. If you have a GPS enabled device that takes photos, it is very likely that your photos are embedded with the location where they are taken. Here’s how location data can be extracted from an image uploaded to TwitPic or similar photo repository sites.

  1. Use Firefox, and download the Exif Viewer plugin. There are other Exif viewers out there, like the metapicz site, but I like Exif Viewer for Firefox the best.
  2. In Firefox, go to the page that contains the Twitpic picture or other site with a picture and right-click on it.
  3. Select View Image EXIF Data.
    View Exif data
  4. Scroll down to the EXIF GPS IFD section. Note the longitude and latitude.
    GPS image location
  5. Search the location on Google Maps.
    Google Maps search

The location where the photo was taken is found.

If you don’t want your location data included in your photos, there is usually a setting that can be turned off on the device.


Why can’t view any location data in many of the photos I’m checking?

These days, the location data is often stripped from the file when it is uploaded to sites like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. You will likely only be able to get location data from a raw image file that is taken using a camera on a phone.

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