Facebook: Where Did the ‘Suggest Friends’ Option Go?

Today I was trying to suggest a friend on Facebook to another one of my friends. I opened the friends’ profile and the link to Suggest friends wasn’t there. It’s used to be located under the main profile photo. It has moved though. To find it, follow these steps:

1. Go to the profile of the person you would like to suggest friends to.

2. Click the Gear in the upper-right corner of the screen and select Suggest Friends.

Facebook suggest friends option

3. Select the friends you would like to suggest, then click Send Suggestions.

Facebook send suggestions


  1. Rachel says

    Well, it seems impossible to suggest friends from my iphone. However, I went to my desktop computer, brought up a FB friend and right beside Messages is a little gearshift icon. Click on that and we can suggest OUR FB friends to that person. Easy as pie! :)

  2. Anil says

    Can anyone help me. I’ve changed just about every setting, lowered privacy, etc but there is no suggest to friends option on my page. When people click on the little gear thing next to the ‘message’ button on my profile, the only option they can see is ‘poke’. There’s not even a report or block option. What is going on?

  3. Danijel Strah says

    Well I dont have the “suggest Frend” button anywhere.. Not under the frend picture , and not on upper right corner on Gear.. there is only poke, see frendship, report-block, ad to… How come? How to get it ? Why it is not on the same place as everyone facebook users? Who operate with those options? Are we under the censure?

  4. Marcos says

    The Suggest Friends button isn’t ANYWHERE at all! Not in the gear thing, not even on the bottom left of the page! Where the heck did it go?!?

  5. Presario says

    It is worth mentioning that the ‘Suggest Friends’ link will NOT show up on some people’s profile if the person you are suggesting to has it turned off on their privacy options.

  6. pankaj says

    i notice that.. only ppl whos friend are visible will get suggest friend option…
    if my friends are visible to all my friends then my friend can suggest me friend….

    if your friend hidden their friends then we cannot suggest them friend…

  7. Herbert says

    The suggest friends link suddenly disappeared from my profile. I see this is happening to others. If this is a systemwide Facebook problem, why hasn’t Facebook notified its users? Why doesn’t Face have a Help link?

  8. mary says

    I have tried to push the suggest friends button and it doesn’t pop up
    could someone tell me how to fix this ?

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