How to Remove Tag From Facebook Photo

Your friend posted a picture of you on Facebook that you don’t want anybody to see. Even worse, they tagged you. So now the photo is out there for your friends to see. Luckily you can remove the tag from the photo.

Full Version Site

1. From the photo the page is on use the “Options” link to select “Report/Remove Tag“.

Facebook Photo Options

2. Provide a reason for deleting the tag. Most of the time, you can select “I want to untag myself“, then select “Remove Tag“.

Untag Photo options

Mobile Site

1. From the photo page, scroll down a bit and select the “Report/Remove Tag” link.

2. Check the “I want to untag myself” box, then select “Continue“.

Mobile remove tag option

Android or iOS app

1. Navigate to “Photos“, then select the photo.

2. Tap the “Menu” button. On Android, this could be the physical “Menu” button below the screen, or a button with three lines. On iOS, it is a button with three dots.

3. Select “Report photo“.

Report Photo Mobile

4. Check the “I want to untag myself” box, then select “Continue“.

Untag myself option

You may ask “What happens if somebody else tags me in the photo again?”. Well, they won’t be able to. Once you remove your tag, anybody after that will get an error when they attempt to tag you again. They could delete the photo, upload it again, then tag it again.


  1. Francis Layton says

    What do I need to do in order to remove a tag that I made incorrectly on someone else’s picture? I attempted to just enter the first name of the individual being tagged and I then hit enter, then the wrong person (first, middle, and last name) appeared in the tag I was trying to make. Once I saw the mistake, I have spent a very long time trying to figure out how to remove my mistake!

    Thank you, Mitch!

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