Facebook Mobile “Sorry, something went wrong” Error Fix

If you use Facebook Mobile, you may be familiar with the fact that it has a mind of its own at times. It’s constantly problematic. Sometimes it freezes or doesn’t load pages. One day, I realized that I hadn’t received any mobile alerts in a few days. I found this odd. Either nobody was doing anything on Facebook, or suddenly nobody loved me. Finally I tried to explore the issue. I didn’t get far when I went under Mobile Settings, I was greeted with an error message.

Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.

I received this error and the problem persisted for weeks. The message seemed to indicate that there was something wrong on the Facebook end, so I just waited and didn’t do anything about it. I know it was working for other people, but I thought “Maybe it’s just something bad with my account that Facebook has to work out.”

The situation gradually got more and more annoying since I wasn’t able to receive any Facebook Mobile alerts. So I started playing with it to make it work to no avail. Finally one night, I mentioned the problem I was having to a friend. He had been familiar with my exact issue and had the fix for me.

1. Send a text message to 32665 and type the letters FB in the message.

2. You will receive a text message that will include a link. Open the link.

Sweet success! That did the trick! The link reactivated the functionality in the app and all is well. I can use Facebook Mobile again. I just hope the issue doesn’t return and I have to keep doing these steps. The problem seems kind of common.


  1. Catherine mullins says

    What is the problem? When I press the Facebook icon on my phone to get Facebook to come up it acts like its going to then it will just kick me off and goes back to icon on phone please help!! This happens a lot !

  2. erin says

    thanks so much for the info. finally someone knows what they are talking about. it took nothing more then a minute and the problem was fixed *****thanks again

  3. DaVince says

    What if the problem is not in the app, but on the website itself? Because I use that on my phone. Also, I’m not in the US (phone number might not work), and I’ve never had to do a verification thing like that, so I’m kind of sceptical.

  4. Charlie says

    I did receive the confirmation text, and mobile let me check one message. Then, I clicked on home and got the error message again.

  5. Eric says

    hey I’m on my iPod touch and the mobile site doesn’t work. could you possible post the link on here? or is it a specific email for everyone?

  6. shaikh noman says

    hey i tried it and got a link on but i can’t get access to the link facebook sent me on txt

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