Excel 2010: How to Enable or Disable Macros

Here are the steps for how to enable or disable macros in Microsoft Excel 2010.

1. Select the File tab and select Options.

Excel 2010 Options selection

2. Select Trust Center on the left pane, then click the Trust Center Settings… button.

Excel 2010 Trust Center Settings button

3. Select Macro Settings on the left pane, then choose a setting.

Excel 2010 Macro Settings screen

4. Click OK, then OK again and you have successfully enabled or disabled macros in Excel 2010.


  1. ME AGAIN says

    Any Excel spreadsheet should have a BUTTON to turn MACROS on or off. The current MS concept of a hiding the Macro on / off switch way down in some unintuitive menu structure, and letting it be
    ONLY ON OR OFF for ALL FILES – will lead to people turning macros on for all, and leave that way, because it is so time consuming to find and turn it on or off.
    In other words, the macro setting should be individually selectable for each file.

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