Error: “Your version of DLA can read files on this disc but…”

When you try to use files on a CD or run an installer off a CD, you get an error:

Your version of DLA can read files on this disc but you will not be able to edit or add to them.

This error is caused by Sonic DLA packed writing software installed on your computer. It is usually installed with Roxio software. It causes many problems when performing simple tasks with CD’s. There is even a problem with Sonic DLA with Windows Vista installations. It is highly recommended that you disable Sonic DLA.
To do so you can open My Computer and right-click the CD-ROM or DVD drive. Uncheck the check box that says Use with DLA.

You can also try right-clicking on the CD-ROM or DVD drive and selecting Properties. Click on the DLA tab and uncheck Enable DLA on your drives.

CD/DVD Properties - DLA Tab

If that still doesn’t work, you might want to try uninstalling the software providing the Sonic DLA service. Open your Control Panel and then open Add/Remove Programs. Find the Sonic DLA related program and Remove it.


  1. Billy Gate says

    Unchecking “Enable DLA on your drives” then clicking Apply, at least on my system, instantly re-selects the option! i.e. I can’t deselect it without uninstalling it.
    Sonic… a classic example of paying prgrammers peanuts and getting monkeys…

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