Enable Samsung Galaxy Tab as USB Drive

If you’re a pro user of gadgets and computers, you may want to enable the Samsung Galaxy Tab as a USB drive so that you can copy files manually from your computer to the device. To accomplish this, you’ll want to turn on mass storage mode.

1. On the tablet, go to the Home screen and press the Menu button below the display.

2. Select Settings.

3. Select Wireless & network.

4. Choose USB setting.

5. Select Mass storage.

Now when you attach the Galaxy Tab to your computer, it will show up as a USB drive.


  1. Raymond says

    I have a Galaxy Tab P1000 and I tried the technique mentioned above but nothing works. I even tried rebooting the phone but the results are the same. Can you help me?

  2. gb says

    i dont have USB setting on my wireless & connection menu in my galaxy tab.
    any other way?

  3. Imranali says

    I have a galaxy pro, I am unable to charge it thru the usb port. However it is detecting the phone in my computer and even the USB connector/cable is alright. Is there any settings where i can get or activate the charging thru USB?


  4. grover says

    tried this but this selection is not there any more. Just bought the tablet two weeks ago.

  5. Brandon says

    Doubtful Terri, since you need an interface made for doing such a thing. It may be possible, but using a PC as the middleman will be much more efficient to control everything you want to do, and quickly.

  6. Terri says

    i just got my samsung galaxy tab and got the usb connector piece with it. i am wanting to connect my external hard drive to the tab so that i can transfer my music files to the tablet. is this possible. when i plug the external to the tab it tells me that a high power usb device has been detected but im not sure how to open it up to get to the files.

  7. Steve says

    G’day Hary,

    You need to unplug the data cable and then the grey restores to black.


  8. John Dawson says

    I can store files ok on phone and see them PC but cannot see/find them on phone. media player finds the file names and then says the file does not exist.

  9. mike says

    As what Scotty asked. Is it possible to connect a external hard drive to the Galaxy?
    Or even a keyboard that is not Samsung specific?

  10. Hary says

    Hi, I have problem in enabling samsung galaxy tab as usb drive. I have followed your instruction but USB setting in my galaxy tab is inactive, it is in gray color not in black color, I can’t make any changes.

    Any suggestion? Thanks

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