Windows: Enable Right-Click “Run as different user”

If the “Run as different user” option is missing from the menu when you right-click an icon in Windows, you can usually make the option appear by holding down the Shift key, then right-clicking the icon. If you would prefer to have the option appear when you right-click an executable without holding the Shift key, you can use these steps to enable it.

Windows Vista and Above

Windows 7, 8 and Vista users can permanently add the option to the menu by downloading and installing ShellRunas. ShennRunas is an official utility that is provided by Microsoft. Once ShellRunas is installed, the option will be available whenever you right-click an executable file.

Win7 Run as different user option


Windows XP & 2000

1. Log on with admin rights.

2. Right-click My Computer and click Manage.

3. In Computer Management, click the plus sign next to Services and Applications, and then click Services.

4. While in the details pane:

  • In Windows 2000: Right-click the RunAs service, then click Properties.
  • In Windows XP: Right-click Secondary Logon service, then click Properties.

5. In Properties set Startup type to Automatic, and click Start.

6. After the computer starts the service, click OK and close out of the window. The “Run as different user” service should now be an option when you right-click an icon.


  1. Kevin Dondrea says

    Thank you but what I’m looking for is a way to add multiple Runas prompts. I added this one a while back but you can only add one. I normally set Notepad++ to run as admin for all profiles. This has worked up until Windows 8 or as I like to call it Windows 8OL.

    Is there a way to add multipl Run As Admin programs that work for all files you right click on?

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