Enable iPhone Sync with Outlook 2007

Ensure that Outlook 2007 is enabling the iPhone to connect with it. Try these steps if the sync is not working with Outlook 2007.

1. Open Outlook 2007 and click Tools > Trust Center.

2. Under Categories, click Add-ins.

3. Under Details, look for iTunes add-in under Inactive Application Add-ins.

4. In the Manage box, click COM Add-ins, and then click Go.

5. In the COM Add-Ins dialog box, select the iTunes sync add-in.

6. Click OK.


  1. forrka says

    did anyone figure this out? I don’t see the “apply” in the info section on itunes & I don’t see the “iTunes sync add-in” on my outlook trusted publishers

  2. Jennifer Robinson says

    HELP!!! I have an iPhone 3G (4.2.1 version) and I make long entries in my calendar title – I use it like a diary. Whenever I sync my iPhone to iTunes to Outlook 2007 on my PC it “deletes or hides” (not sure which) the end of my entries (often several sentences of information) and deletes the entry from my iPhone. Can someone please tell me if the information is recoverable and how to stop this happening in the future?

  3. Ron says

    Enabling the addin did not solve my problem, but iphon4 settings did! My notes would not sync with outlook 2007.

    I had to change my settings so that aol notes were turned off and iphone became the default notes provider. I then had to copy and paste to recreate my notes under the new phone setting. Once this was done it all synced normally. It had to do with the account the notes were stored under in the notes function of phone.

  4. Mike says

    Chris Means, there is a simple solution to your problem. Since you are using Outlook as a client for Hotmail, you can sync directly with the hotmail exchange server. I did this and it worked great. Anyone using Hotmail or Livemail should use this approach rather than POP. Instructions here:

    Here is my problem though; I also want to sync an internet calendar that is accessed via a secure HTTP interface (HTTPS) and neither the web based nor native livemail client will support HTTPS and apparently the iPAD mail client won’t either. Only way I found to sync that iCAL was to use Outlook, then copy the calendar to a native calendar, then use iTunes to sync the outlook calendar; more of an import than a synch.

  5. Will Parsons says

    Have iPhone 4, using Itunes 10 on a Windows XP system. Synced today and all calendar info on Iphone removed except for long term calendar items like birthdays. Followed instructions here with no result. Each time I check the “advanced” buttons. It does not remove what is on the iPhone. Any helkp would be appreciated.

  6. Brandon says

    Also, make sure to keep the main Calendar! This will be the one with all of your current appointments in it. Not empty like to the ones you will delete.

  7. Kevin says

    My iPhone 3GS contact list could not sync to outlook 2007. Calenders can be sync and not Contacts, anyone can help.. I have tried COM addin whatelse can i do next.. thz

  8. UniCav says

    Once I enabled viewing all the calendars in Outlook I was able to see everything and it was syncing fine. I did have another issue later where iTunes would take forever to open and it would freeze up during sync. That turned out to be an issue with Win7 and my mainboard having drive seek or write errors. My drives were connected to SATA 0/1/2. Win7 was trying to access them as a RAID array. I moved the drives to SATA 0/2/4 and everything including iTunes started working normally.

  9. SOC2280 says

    My office just purchased new computers – Windows 7 (64)- Up til then syncing worked perfectly on my Iphone 3GS. Now everthing is syncing but the Calendar. Apple Tech runs you around without any success. I’ve tried everything they have suggested and am still waiting on them. Can someone help with this.

  10. kashif says

    I have same issue 3gs iphone does not sync with outlook 2007 every thing else works fine with itunes ,no matter what you do it wont work…ahh Iphone 3gs…

  11. UniCav says

    I finally found my problem. I noticed the colored dots by my calendar events had changed from blue on my original iphone to red on my new iphone 3gs. Then found there were 2 calendars. A little more research and I find that Office 2007 creates extra calendars for some reason. Digging into Office 2007′s ridiculous interface and sure enough there are 2 calendars and it was hiding my iphone calendar so all the events were there but I couldn’t see them. Now I just have to figure out how to get rid of the extra calendar, and of course that’s almost impossible with Office

  12. UniCav says

    Win7 x64, iTunes 9, Office 2007. All fresh installs. No sync and so far no clue why. Anyone?

  13. Chris Means says

    After spending 2.5 hours yesterday with the Apple tech (a true ACE and VERY knowledgable), I now know WHY my IPhone 3Gs will not sync up my contacts (or Notes) with Outlook 2007. When I make an entry into Outlook 2007 in contacts on my CPU, the actual data is not “stored” in Outlook 2007 on my CPU (Windows 7 OS). The typed-in information is (apparently) immediately synced up with my hotmail contacts account. According to the Apple tech, the actual data is physically “stored” on the Hotmail contacts server – NOT on my CPU in Outlook 2007. Unfortunately, when the Iphone 3Gs syncs up in Itunes, it ONLY looks at “Outlook Contacts” – on my CPU. Since there ISN’T anything ON my CPU, the Iphone “sees” nothing.
    When I type a new contact (or update an existing contact) on my Iphone, then try to sync up, the data is NOT transferred from my IPhone to my Outlook 2007.
    According to my Apple tech yesterday, ITunes and Outlook contacts do not talk to each other and they have no fix for this dilemma.
    Can anyone direct me to a solution? I tried to go into the “Trust Center” on Outlook and ONLY have the ITunes box checked under Comm Add-ins. Outlook won’t let me uncheck any programs because I am not an administrator. This is baffling to me because this is on my personal CPU, it is NOT in any kind of network, etc. I bought the Office 2007 suite from AZ State University about 3 months ago for $50. According to the Microsoft rep I spoke with yesterday, the “license” for this version is in the hands of ASU book store….who informed me that they only SELL it and do NOT support it.


  14. Nancy says

    As soon as i downloaded 2.2.1, my iphone no longer syncs with Outlook 2007 (on a PC running Windows XP).

    It hangs when syncing calendar. Tech support said to backup my iphone and “restore” which I did but still have the same problem.

    they said then to try “set up as new iphone” instead of “restore” but i am afraid to try this.

    any ideas?

  15. Frodo says

    I can sync contact with iphone firmware 1.1.4 and Outlook 2007, but the photos does not update!

    Any ideas?

    No errors, plugin is active ….

  16. Vivek says

    My iPhone 1.1.3 could not sync out of the box with outlook 2007, despite outlook trus center had itunes active under Add-ins. Itune version used was 7.6. I used to get “outlook sync client encounter error and needs to close” as soon as itunes started synchronizing Calendar.

    I solved this by completely removing Itunes 7.6, and apple mobility application and installing Itunes 7.5. Now it is working fine.

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