Droid X: Transfer Music Files

Transfer your music files to the Droid X smartphone. Supported file types are AAC, AMR, MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC+, and MIDI.

1. Connect the Droid X to your computer.

2. On the device, slide the notification box down tap Media Share, then tap OK.

3. Tap Memory Card Management, then tap OK.

4. A removable disk should now be available from your computer. For organizational purposes, create a folder named Music within the removable disk. This is optional.

5. Drag and drop any non-DRM music files from your computer to the Music folder. You can even copy the music directly from iTunes.

6. Eject the removable disk when you are doing copying the music files.

That’s it! Now you can listen to music on your Droid X or use them as ringtones.

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