Droid X: Save Picture From Text Message

Q: How do you save a picture sent to you in a text message?

A: 1. Tap and hold on the image for a couple of seconds.

2. Select Copy attached to SD card.

Now you can view the photo in the Gallery app. It may take a little while for it to actually show up there though.


  1. Tim Fox says

    Sometimes you press and hold on the opened photo and select save photo…. But…. sometimes (depending on how the message was sent) you need to press and hold on the message itself, and select “save slideshow”… In other words, the press and hold concept is correct, but you may have to try that on the message itself, or on the photo after it is opened.

  2. Lisa says

    The picture should show up as an “unopened” attachment. That’s when you press and hold for the options to come up. If you open the attachment and try this process, it doesn’t work. Press and hold on the unopened attachment.

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