Droid: Send Ringtones Via Text Message

The Messaging app on the Motorola Droid doesn’t allow you to send somebody a ringtone via text message. There is a workaround for this problem though. It’s quite a few steps, but here’s how.

1. Download and install the Handcent app from the Market.

2. Open Handcent.

3. Start composing your message by tapping the icon in the upper left corner, or tap the contact you wish to send the ringtone to.

Compose the message

4. Press Menu > Attach.

Handcent attach option

5.Tap Audio.

Select Audio

6. Select the ringtone you wish to send, then tap OK.

Choose ringtone

7. The ringtone will be added to the message, where you can then send it off to its recipient.


  1. bob says

    If the other person has a smart phone you could just email it to them too from your smartphone without having to worry about downloading an app

  2. Ben Yoc says

    This worked great ! thanks – I have been trying to get it to work all day.

  3. jmendenhall says

    I installed then uninstalled because i could not use my regular messaging icon (turned it into a phone access) and know I cannot send messages. I turned phone off then on and is back to normal. Is there any way to have installed and use as secondary to regular messageing?

  4. Dwight says

    This application does not work. I keep gettin an error unsupported audi formatt. Now what?

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