Droid RAZR: Start In Safe Mode

Start your Motorola Droid RAZR in Safe Mode if you wish to load the factory default software. Safe Mode is used for times when you may have changed or installed something in the OS that prevents it from starting or functioning properly. Enabling Safe Mode loads only the base software so you can at least access the system and undo whatever caused the issue.

To enable Safe Mode, turn the device off and follow these steps:

1. Press Power to turn the device back on.

2. When the Motorola logo appears, press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons on the right side of the device while it starts.

Droid RAZR safe mode buttons

3. When the words “Safe Mode” appear in the lower right corner of the screen, release the buttons. You can now access the system and try uninstalling apps or removing anything that may be causing your problems.

When you want to start the Droid RAZR in normal mode, simply press and hold Power, tap Power off, then start the device normally.

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